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The human being, a marvelous assembly of arteries, nerves, life giving fluids and muscles put together in a rather ungainly manner upon a rather shapely accommodating skeletal scaffold, has always presented challenges to all known sciences and arts, especially in the numerous free-will options available to it.

All human religious and administrative/governmental systems have tried in vain to totally manage Homo sapiens specimens successfully this far. If Religion A has sought to threaten Man to obey its diktats or else face the fatal consequences, another has attempted to win him over with a show of opportune affection. Still another has eliminated large number of this race feeling supreme in power and still another has spoken aloud of Man’s true Dharma being the decision maker.

Many prophetic figures have appeared and taken different approaches to manage Man. But still every man or woman is a new formula, a new equation, a new paradigm, and a new invention all over!

Having taken origin from an imaginative monkey, Man has stymied all of these at various times.

Seen in this light, the very act of turning out a man or a woman with enough acceptable character, skill set proficiency and maturity inside is something even more desirable than a Nobel Prize for any couple of parents to be!

The puppy craze for impregnating a woman is actually a quite insignificant task in itself, when compared with the huge task awaiting all parents once the woman has conceived. The infinite number of responsibilities that follow the moment of conception is, simply put, frightening, and this is one major reason why all normal parents flee from them with such contemptible cowardice!


What is happening in the parental attitude to their kids as years roll by is something similar to how the Germans viewed  the Hitler Miracle in 1938-39 and how they changed their view within the next few months.

ALL dads and moms vie with one another in showering their utmost love and uppermost attention and care upon their newborns. But as years go by their mindset changes till the parents begin to dislike their own kids by the time these kids are adults.

What these parents, specimens of which can be found at hundreds of locations around the planet, conveniently forget is that they also make grievous mistakes in bringing these kids up till they get it in their faces! They have gone terribly wrong in bringing kids up, either through being too self-centered or too greedy for power or money, or simply ignored the latter too. All too busy parents tend to lose their kids to the world outside, as a rule of thumb. Only a minority escapes from this fate.

Let’s direct a key query to our own sweet selves! Why are we bringing up our kids at all? To go away after leaving them as a living insult on human civilization or to listen to golden opinions about them from unfamiliar lips? To see them as global success stories and role models or to suffer seeing them as social liabilities par excellence?

I presume that you as a dad or a mom wish to help your kids go sky high with all that you are capable of! Please read on ONLY if you feel like agreeing with me here!


Let me not varnish this unpalatable truth but the fact is that most of us simply don’t KNOW how to eat to ensure living out our full lifespan.

There is no finishing school needed for imparting this most needed skill of course but what you and I have acquired is merely a style of food consumption after what we have observed of our late parents. India has generously housed both vegans/vegetarians and outright non vegetarians across millennia.

Whole generations and communities across this subcontinent have fallen victims to unintelligent imbalanced food ingesting styles and conventions. Look around and analyze whatever you see and you can get fully convinced of this within a few hours on your own! I bet on it!

Community A remains obsessed with totally vegan food, which results in their having brittle bones and calcium deficiency of an extreme degree. Community B is wholly non vegetarian, with the result that they have an oversupply of animal fat and carbs with not enough good protein, which has sent them in large numbers to oncologists and cancer hospitals. Community C is way too committed to taking food at any time under any excuse, which has resulted, in combination with their sedentary lifestyle, in gifting almost all of them huge beer bellies.

No nutritionist or dietitian has visited our homes to help our parents or us in discerning what all go into a plate of balanced food and when to keep off eating and how to eat the food we have on our platter too.

Dehydration is always a threat to life. Prevent it by having a bottle of water with you every single day to sip from.


The moment of conception is a River Rubicon.

It signals for both parents to be a long period of self-imposed penance –severe discipline in food, a healthy lifestyle with ample movements, freedom from almost all medicines and chemical formulations, peace of mind, self-restriction in giving emotional stress, and so on.

Making compromises on any aspect shall, as sure as eggs is eggs, result in a baby with some outer or inner disorder. I contend that this habit of many husbands might have been at the root of the ADHD or autism or bipolar disorder in their kids.

Once that has been successfully crossed it’s your duty as a prospective parent to consult a good doctor a skilled dietitian at a nearby hospital about what to give your life partner so as to ensure the arrival ,many months later, of a healthy happy baby.

Bear in mind at all times that Time is slowly but surely in form a partial surrender to Man in his relentless quest to reverse his ageing process. Harvard has succeeded in reversing the age of mice by boosting a co-enzyme known as NAD.

Human trials are under way.

Thus if you are a responsible parent, you shall be enriching the world through your kid for 150 or 200 years longer than when your time has come!


Given the ground reality that the political culture of our country has touched the nadir of human decency, with many of our leaders forgetting the basic elements of culture and behaving in an abysmally atrocious manner, it is all the more imperative that you ensure a good character and conduct in your kid.

As Mr. Thomas Mathew from Muvattupuzha has said it,” the Ramas and Lakshmanas of the past have vanished and what is left are the Rakshasas and the Asuras. Decency and respect for one another are a must to enjoy and maintain true democratic culture and institutions.

Even before we strain to make our kid ready to take on the whole world by its Cape buffalo horns, it’s important to make him/her ready for education, for university and for work. Both absenteeism and malingering are commonplace in the workaday world, because India has never known true work culture but this must be changed for your kid to win out in life.

As a parent you must learn to take the initiative whenever you can.

Don’t ever shy away from responsibility unless there is a genuine reason for shirking them! A lifelong habit of launching the home or ground work needed before you take the initiative must be also imbibed. Let your family as a strong team and delegate tasks to the others in lieu of monopolizing them.

Your individual contribution is important but never forget your team’s collective goal to be achieved within a deadline.

A habit of listening to others around you without imposing your own views must be cultivated .This must be passed to your kids too. Learning to follow orders without complaining even if they are painful must be developed within your kids.

Have a backup plan (aka Plan B) ready after you delegate a task to others around you. Take the ownership for your work and treat it –your work- as your baby .This way you shall see the quality of your work improving.

Suppose one of your kids is a shirker from birth. Getting all steamed up over this laziness is NOT the way forward. Ignoring his suggestion is one technique while you join the rest of the team in accomplishing every task. Plain talk is another.

Do persuade him to come round but never stop taking the initiative on your own. There are many types of shirkers. A is a person that shoots down every suggestion of yours ,while B apparently thinks that he alone knows the easiest way of doing things. C makes it a point to infringe your time, while D persuades you to do the work on his behalf.

It’s unwise to oblige such persons, and you must expose him on a day in the open when all the other kids are present at home!

Such shirkers are real deadwood and won’t make much headway in life but then you can’t kill your kid. So keep him engaged along with others as long as you can.

WORK CULTURE IS THE ONE QUALITY THAT AN INDIAN MUST HAVE FOR GETTING AHEAD. The prevailing ambiance in our country is a wet blanket.

We shall resume this discussion in Part V.


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