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“Get up, Honey! It’s already morning! And Life is calling you!”

While wondering if any-ANY- Indian man/woman takes care to address her hubby in these words to awaken him, I made a small study of how the benefits of simple walking can be maximized, just out of interest.

And I find this: Walking in the long term can keep us away from any doctor, if you are doing it with your specific objective in mind. If you wish to maintain your health in its prime, you need to walk 4.8 kilometers per hour or about 120 steps per minute. Weight loss in mind? Walk 135 steps a minute! Or is it aerobic fitness? If so walk as fast as you can – about 150 steps per minute till you sweat mildly all over.

Couch or Mouse potato? Totally allergic to moving about? Ah! My sympathies!

Let’s begin with the good news!

“Packaged foods maker Nestle, the makers of Maggi the 2 minute Noodles, is planning to reduce salt and sodium content in noodles by 10% in 12 to 18 months.”(ET)

(Which indirectly is a confession that they have been killing their customers inch by inch by adding both these in unhealthy quantities till now! And now revealed, the shocker that of the 40 new products launched last year, 10 to 15% must re-tweaked now in the wake of this policy change!)

If you are over 71, you need just 1.2 gram of sodium a day, available from 2.9 gram of salt equivalent natural source.” (ET)

(Which tells us that common salt per se, used in all processed foods, is more of an enemy than a friend in excess quantities)

“Compliance to rehab at home makes recovery post stroke more effective” (ToI)

Which dissuades hospitals from minting money in excess from trying to rehab post stroke persons in hospital ambiance.

“Going for low GI food, which releases sugar into the bloodstream only slowly, and unprocessed fibrous foods, legumes and beans, whole wheat and grains shall lengthen your lifespan” (TH)

Which suggests that most of us are not taking any of these in adequate quantities today.

Only 5 factors must be monitored: HB Ac1, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Micro albumin urea, and smoking. (LANCET)

Which implies that till now we have remained confused by having to check many more till now!

Your passivity towards teeth and bones!

You may attribute this to New Delhi having to firefight all the time to keep in power but its reality that NOTHING has been done at the government level by way of policy initiative to ensure that all of us have healthy bones and teeth!

Mythical notions such as “Only cold sugary foods cause tooth sensitivity”, “Brushing right after meals is good” or “There is no solution for sensitive teeth” still cannibalize lots of Indians and callous sensitivity reducers like Sensodyne get widely advertised in lieu of a sensible policy to help the people of this country remain orthopedic-ally strong and capable!

To put it with zero varnish, oral health is a highly compromised issue and a flop across India.

FB Addiction!

Inactivity Mindset shows most visibly in FB addiction. (Most in my home community are neck deep in its soothingly warm waters.)

It’s with malice towards none and generosity for all that I approach anyone.

But it can’t be denied today how addictive FB in particular happens to be, and how many men and women fall victims to this global addiction, so convenient to FB owners, who are businessmen. Most of my Indian friends I believe are within the so-warm FB Calypso or Circe an embrace.

It all started with the universally used (and abused/misused) social medium-Facebook, in contrast to Twitter, which asks you to limit your post size to 140 characters!

The one thing I observed with remarkable interest in the beginning itself was that many of my FB contacts, men and women whom I scarcely knew at all, loved to remain addicted to this all too easy, undemanding online reach out facility.

It was like being a noisy café without any beverage nearby in a way because you got bombarded with all kinds of information or canards. But what you never guessed was that the crafty FB guys in B’lore or somewhere and sold your writing, spiced with ads for cold cash globally.

This squatting tendency, so zestfully promoted by FB with mustered up hugs and kisses to its users, make you intensely lazy I noted. So I decided to play the FB game down on purpose, played an emotionally detached Pontius Pilate, except for using their writing platform,  and migrated to Word Press and then to Google Blogger.

Food Preferences:

I feel that though the human body system takes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian good items head on, and is fully equipped to deal justly by both kinds of food, vegetarians by far are so because vegetarian cooking doesn’t involve much bodily exertion.

Whereas you need just slice off the spinach and wash before making it into a curry with other ingredients, you can’t avoid catching a chicken, killing it, plucking away its feathers and washing the meat two or three times in lemon water before you start chopping it into pieces and adding spices to it. With any kind of meat you have some real labor to finish in Phase One.

In other words those that call themselves belligerent vegetarians are inclined to take it easy with cooking food at home!

Correct me if you will but this is my belief!

(To be continued)

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