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The latest shocker to the conservative and the hidebound to come out of the Boffin Nest—I mean the R&D section of laboratories—is that machines can read your body language, measure the quantum of carbon (C) that your body emits, say in a theatre, data mine your personal preferences for a specific tint for your room curtains, and even analyze your facial expressions! Interested in passive data collection for future use? Ask the machines of today to bring the same to you within a jiffy!

Thank you Poppy Crum, neurophysiologist!

Today medical science has advanced to an unbelievable extent—i.e. to such an extent that you can do sophisticated micro surgery on the mitral valve of a developing fetus inside the expectant mom’s uterus without its being aware of the same and thus ensure that the baby gets born normal! For 95% of all illnesses we have found remedial molecules and almost all orthopedic joints can be repaired successfully!

The science of nutrition and wellness has been straining to ensure that people don’t get to die off before they are 150, and have bombarded you and me with timely tips to ward off doddery old age looks, resist the ageing process, and push back Time’s supposedly inevitable course!

Compare this phenomenal tech advance with the deliberately ignorant and the souls still resisting to emerge from their own dead pasts! India teems with such persons, whole families and communities.

Good healthy food, though they can access it, is kept taboo for the kids in it if possible all through life. For illustration, many men and women in my home community severely lack calcium in their bones owing to inappropriate food ingestion alone. Most are under treatment under some physician on many days a month and spend over 40% of their earnings on this item alone, though they are intelligent otherwise!

Parents insist on tradition and remain grossly undernourished and malnutrition-affected at all times to such a degree that you can identify the members of such families or communities the moment you set your eyes on them!

They and their kids woo diseases anywhere in the vicinity and are happy to suffer from any disease and take it for granted that by 40 a person must be ill in some manner!

To get born in such a community is per se a horrible curse!

And with those humans that, once gifted with a life, NEVER extend any value to it as such, but instead hurry to spoil themselves physiologically through all kinds of vices, temptations, baseless notions like resuscitation after a few centuries from being solidified after death in a block of liquid nitrogen, and those determined to chase their invisible souls and install the same on the Nirvana Chair! This tribe –Nirvana chases- don’t care for health at all and die off thankfully far earlier than they ought to otherwise!

LIFE presents the most formidable challenge for the human being—though flibbertigibbets and the indifferent tend to view it’s a given ,though its misused or abused or flung off in revenge against someone, and though it’s never given any significance after one’s birth right till one feels unspeakably ill!

Living beyond 100 is of course a dream, but then, happily enough, there are numerous markers in place towards the happy fulfillment of such a dream. I stand by my contention that it’s you and me alone that, through either ignorance or obscurantism or prejudice, invite an early death.

The only major distraction that one faces in front of him/her is the world of medicines, coming out Steve Jobs-like with theatrically every couple of days with more and more medical drugs and poly-molecules. This phenomenon fools us into believing without any basis or justification that, whatever we do and however we choose to live our lives, we shall be protected by medicines alone as if by a vicarious Godhead.

Human life begins by facing and overcoming risk, and goes on facing risks of various kinds till it decides to call it a day simply out of frustration, desperation and indifference from the person to whom it has been so far a gift of inestimable value.

Long life is really a serious bold decision—like a business decision involving billions like that Flipkart-Walmart deal about to hatch on Indian soil– with NO romantic halo about it. Its down-to-earth cold science and fine art combined.

All of us are hypothetically born equal –I said hypothetically because some get pulled out as “preemies” to be brought to ideal weight through in-house anabolic treatment and some coaxed out through Caesarian surgery—but you’ll readily agree with me that each of us in this mammoth 7-billion strong mankind crowd gets a different kind of treatment.

A long human life span really begins in utero from the moment of maternal conception, goes through its first critical 9 month or 288-days duration, and then charts itself across many years over a roller coaster graph!

Provided you are lucky enough to get born in a rather developed nation with well qualified doctors available in hospitals and provided your parents are knowledgeable, responsible and feel accountable to you, at least one of them shall take on the task of bringing you up cheerfully if through some degree of self-sacrifice and discomfort till you can take off into the blue on your own!

These two conditions are critical; if so many Indians die before they touch 90, it’s because of these too remaining absent or inadequate! A long lifespan is, if metaphorically put, a long crawling trip over tons of rubbish and sewage through an ill lit tunnel with some faint candle light visible at its end.

It demands a lot of self-discipline on the person’s side, self-sacrifice regarding what one can eat what one can’t to fulfill the end objective, severe self-control over temptations like sex, absolute respect for the physician’s counsel or tips, timely ingestion of food and drugs, deep faith in God and in one’s own self, daily lubrication of the body systems through grueling workouts, and stress-relieving relationships of every kind imaginable!

Those unwilling to abide by these commandments are most welcome to return to clay!

Those newborns in the desert districts of Rajasthan (Ironically “the place of kings”!) don’t have to ever take such a decision because they are buried alive in the hot sands soon after birth by their own parents. So are the kids of many villages down south in TN and probably in all other States too across the nation.

Those grandparents in hamlets like Reddiarpuram in TN, who get treated to Thalaikkoothal (Ritual killing) kind of killing are the least lucky since a pneumonia-hot end to life is intensely painful.

You and I and so many of us are living in and out of our days at our own pace as we know best how to! We come in between these two groups!

Got it?

Ready! Set! Go!


Haven’t you noticed many men and often women watching those soccer players play with all their passion and might, while their left hands gropes its way to the nearest bowl of fried goodies like the popular Malayali delicacies known as murukku, vada, and so many super tasty items offered on your TV or in local retail outlets even at discounted rates!

How much they manage to consume and take in during one soccer game is anyone’s guess but take my word for it, none of these are doing that man or woman any good life-wise!

One of my Brahmin colleagues was so fond of such items that he gobbled them up within minutes, and one morning as he was walking from one room to the next he collapsed and died within minutes—with a 4 inch long arterial block! No angioplasty could have saved the man!

Thousands invite heart attacks and strokes in this precise manner, though it was taste that carried them to either a helpless dependent condition or to their graves unceremoniously!

MINDFUL eating involves being fully aware of what you are taking in and how much at all times so that you never exceed the required quantities whatever be the temptation to do so.

(To be continued)


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    FOOD determines our lifespan to a large extent.Never eat a subsistence diet deliberately to keep your body and soul together.EAT TO BE HEALTHY AND STRONG!


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