HOW WE WOO OUR OWN EARLY DEATH!


The best six doctors anywhere,

And no one can deny it,

Are sunshine, water, rest and diet

Exercise and diet.

These six will gladly you attend,

If only you are willing

Your mind they’ll mend

And charge you not a shilling”

(Wayne Fields: What the River Knows, 1992)

[From www.fedhealth.co.za]

Happy people it is that manage to go the extra mile as far as lifespans are concerned, and it’s because they experience lower heart rates and lower levels of that stress hormone cortisol! A happy mindset. it has been medically proven, extends your lifespan by 7.5 years at the minimum.

Remaining zestful, curious and enthusiastic at all times is also equally vital. All of us need to maintain an optimism in our views if we wish to successfully manage the illnesses that visit us and pay special attention to retaining and nurturing our network of friends and well-wishers.

  • Once we are willing to do some research, and face our mirror of scientific realities, we are going to get shell shocked by the following factors:
  • For the makers of Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola (both soft drinks having some potential for telling upon on our bone health), India happens to be the third largest market!
  • Modern India has 24% of its 2017 population in the obese and/or overweight category—and both these are sure to negatively affect workforce efficiency and overall economic growth matrix. Contrast this data with that of Canada, where 60% are within this category but not morbid.
  • 63 million Indians (7.7% of the population) are already diabetics today. This total is expected, unless we do something about it on a war footing, to touch 100 million by 2030! The first to suffer as a result shall be our economic growth rate.
  • Since 1970’s Indian immigrants have been observed to fall easy victims to DM 2 globally thanks to their ‘thin-fat’ body type, which is short of stature with more abdominal fat deposits! In fact, Indian newborns, though slightly lighter than Western kids at birth, arrive with more abdominal fat and higher levels of certain hormones than British neonates. These cause a predisposition to DM!
  • Indians tend to be glucose-intolerant all through their adult lives also if they have had malnourished moms (around 10-15%)
  • We Indians can’t simply handle an overload of food at any time—indicating how our ancestors’ bodies got habituated to more than frequent starvation racially!

As you and I wrestle along our life path, often singing on our way and often merely groping through dark and darkened tunnels,  remain much distracted by the little knowledge that the media houses supply us with about how to ward off illnesses, or overcome them or the name of some supposed anti-dote or remedy or prophylactic.

Most persons that are used to running, will get shocked by a report to the effect that “runners can squish blood vessels in the feet” though the hidden fact (no news value!) is that this indisposition affects ONLY ultra-marathoners, whose global population happens to be in a few hundreds!

Most fake and spurious formulations get pushed into the market by vested interests in this same manner—with half-truths, euphemisms or gross exaggerations!

A headline such as “Reading boosts memory” is out of context inside a classroom for obvious reasons. “Liver cancer”—or for that matter almost all cancers- “are eminently preventable” but then a report of this ending in a clause such as “but we simply don’t care” is having a veiled innuendo directed at the reader!”

Insurance agents vie with one another in convincing you that a heart attack even during your daily exercise is quite possible-but they hide the fact that the incidence of such an episode is less than 0.00001% ,if we scrutinize all medical data this far~!

Among older persons it is 1 in 1.5 million persons!

Many mothers unwittingly push their kids into an –un-bargained-for-obesity through a misapplication of their affection-by overfeeding them. Junk food makers stage protest marches against government policies targeted at human health –and this is enough for many moms to overfeed their kids with whatever they have in the larder or kitchen, like that Ms Betsy Trotwood in David Copperfield!

In order to get a national ban from the Delhi High court in India against the rampant sale of junk food items near schools and educational institutions, Rahul Verma filed a suit in it in 2010.The litigation has been dragging on at snail’s pace, but no verdict has come out this far thanks to the stout opposition he has been facing ever since!

Many of my friends and former classmates are a bit anxious about my daily workout at my present age, for obvious reasons, but what they coolly forget is that unlike most persons that take up exercising only late in life all of a sudden on some doctor’s advice and then suffer orthopedic injuries or severe back pain, mine is a body conditioned to whatever I need to do daily with supreme ease over 15 years without a break! And that includes jump rope, weight lifting, resistance training, brisk walk, and some exercises for muscular flexibility for 45 to 60 minutes!

Yes, such conditioning is crucial if you wish to stave off your death for many years!

One research finding is that inactivity of any kind does harm to the body including sitting for long hours, especially in front of the home idiot box.

Many medical reports say that with advancing age human bones tend to become weaker but Dr Martin Scurr (of Daily Mail UK) avers that age is just a number in the case of human beings and that you can have steel strong bones even at 90 as well as a musculature that gives you an invisible spring under your feet! Insist on doing justice to your own physique with daily exercise at least for 30 minutes no matter your actual chronological age!


Most centenarians alive today(And they number about 100*) emphasize the importance of remaining as active as possible all through one’s life  with healthy variety of activities, prayer and meditation on a regular basis, consumption of ONLY dark chocolate if at all, sticking to a specific faith, and clinging to having a purpose for remaining alive!

A vegetable-derived or based diet is given all out importance by all these persons for preventing tissue damage. Eating less is also a reliable life principle too.

Only modest amounts of food are enough for our body to maintain itself without much harm; the rule of thumb here is to eat till you feel almost full (e.g.80%)

Quality sleep-as different from interrupted and distracted sleep-, if possible in silence,  is also crucial in extending your lifespan.

The trust, support and love you get from your family has a powerful effect within your body and could add years to your earthly life, primarily thanks to the extra Dopamine and Oxytocin you get within your brains as a result!

[*Jeanne Calment died at 122 recently, while her runners up like Sarah Knauss(119),Christian Mortensen( 115), Besse Cooper (116) Anthony Mancinelli (101) are still keeping active in the world of the living!]

(To be continued)

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