“Well, honor is the subject of my story

I cannot tell what you and other men

Think of this life; but for my single self,

I had as life not be as live to be

In awe of such a thing as myself

[Cassius to Brutus in Julius Caesar Act I, Scene ii, Lines 92ff.]

In that Shakespearean play, viz. Julius Caesar, the cunning Cassius traps and hooks the honor loving Brutus by telling him that with Caesar playing a political Colossus in Rome, an honorable lifestyle is no longer possible and thinkable and hence the man must be dispatched to the next world at the earliest!!

Honorable lifestyle is popularly believed to mean a self-respecting mode of—i.e. one in which we both give respect and take respect and appreciation from others! But in the Indian context, individual and clannish vested interests have played havoc…

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