Said Mohan almost callously

Oh you mean my Mrs? She must surely be at home somewhere! How can I be sure of where she is at this moment? After all, for the sake of laying my hands on the hefty dowry amount that her people agreed to give ME, a man, I have married her and so she can’t go away from me! I can have her at MY will and pleasure too! Isn’t a wedding a license for sex primarily?”

Well, that last query set me thinking!

Here in my presence was a most boorishly brought up young human male, with claims to being a man in the full sense.

This creature was grossly ignorant of HOW to behave to the potential mother of his future descendants and heirs .He has not been told expressly by those that brought him up to appreciate his life partner in any manner at all. He has been with the strychnine toxin of male patriarchal thinking habit. Some human-simian animal –probably an elder guy–has told him that he can have his way with ALL women too.

What he truly deserves is a daylight blind slap on his cheeks and a “Vamoose!” out of any woman’s homestead—and not a wife!

This world has taught me many lessons about the whimsicality of many so called husbands and consequent aberrations of their wives and often their kids. I knew a man that had cunningly maintained TWO women at distances from where he lived with one of them without letting the ebony tinted and passionate Wife A know anything about her fair and lovely rival Wife B in any manner.

Tell me dear one, what all can a young man’s salary, perquisites and position and social reputation truly—repeat TRULY- give him?

Can any one of these give him a happily conversational companionable person who is even better than a colleague or a classmate? NO!

Can his foreign exposure to other cultures reward him with children taking after him in every way? NO!

Can his probably numerous perquisites and surplus income guarantee a warmhearted hug of almost every evening when he returns tired home? NO!

Can his promotion prospects assure him of a long life also? In No Way can it do so!

THAT means Adam was right in feeling ever so lonely and forlorn in that vast Garden of Eden without getting a suitable companion called Eve!

MAN cant truly LIVE—as contrasted with subsist and — without a Woman. Nor can he hope to deal justly by his life as a male human without having someone taking after him.

From fairest creatures,” chants Shakespeare, ”we desire increase”!!

On another occasion–this time in his play titled Julius Caesar, he gives this piece of dialogue to Portia,Cato’s daughter and wife to Brutus:

Dwell I but in the suburbs

Of your good pleasure?If it be no more

Portia is Brutus’ harlot, not his wife!” [Act II,Scene i,Line 285]

The occasion is when Portia notices some odd behavior in her husband, like walking about in the courtyard at midnight, and having hushed conversations with Cassius.

At best he can father some brats illicitly of course in his prime years in some women but then a day shall dawn when they shall arraign him for pushing them into this world as basta*ds!

I know someone remarkably pretty and young that is newly wedded, zestfully ambitious to make a mother of herself at the earliest and in top honeymoon spirits but for one factor; her hubby is indifferent to her presence even. He barely talks to her though they live under the same roof and more often than not prefers to take food by himself outside their home!

I inquired about this issue with many marital counsellors and it turns out that this is a quite common phenomenon in this country.

Way too many of our young men, once they have really succeeded in getting a trophy-like woman to themselves, tend to take them for granted as a kid would take his doll’s house for granted.

As a keen observer of men and matters, it has come to my understanding that a woman’s behavioral aberrations have no spontaneous origin but some reason right at her home , mostly by someone her own family.

And the most likely suspect in the case is her own husband or the zoological specimen/gargoyle that goes about as her husband!

Have a great Day!

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