Keeping your hands away from potentially illness-inviting food items has become a veritable challenge today what with almost all shelves at a super market or hypermarket remaining glutted and spilling over with such items ,both heavily processed ,over spiced and over flavored. The aggressive tendency to make people ill through overeating, effected primarily through tempting them to buy more and more, is also all too obvious.

So Dietary Tip Number One is to make it a principle to have only healthy snacks on your dining table—like fruits, nuts and vegetables– and nothing too refined and looking too smooth on your tongue! Mindless eating—i.e. either eating on and on or merely gobbling up something as you pass your table at odd times, thus disturbing your digestion!—can also be avoided in this innocuous manner!

Dietary Tip Two is integrally linked to correcting a most vicious habit that many organizers of meetings and get-togethers unwittingly cultivate without being really aware of the potential danger involved. I have in mind the plates full of high calorie cakes and beverages with too much sugar in them.

Why not change this habit in favor of your participants’ longevity and good health? Insist on serving only low calorie fruit juices instead of these Coke like sugary drinks! Serve green tea instead of white tea with sugar in it! Or have herbal tea or fresh lime water or even, being in Kerala, have tender coconut water that’s so rich in potassium!!

My third tip is about skipping meals for any reason whatsoever. Don’t! Never in your life think of going without your regular breakfast dear ones simply because it’s the MOST IMPORTANT meal of the day! It not only quick-starts your brain but also helps your thought get clarified all the better! Value-add it qualitatively by including fiber rich cereals with low fat milk, fruits and nuts! Keep it simple by avoiding greasy and oily food which tend to slow down your digestion process!

To digress a bit, food is for freedom not only from hunger but also from ill health and illnesses galore. Good food is also for acquiring health in a pleasant satisfying manner in case you never noticed it this far.

The habit of taking such good nutritious food on a regular basis as part of daily routine also helps change our attitude to life while it affords us instant satisfaction on account of its taste! To ignore the primary characteristics of one’s food—looks, color, homely, appetizing taste, and the feeling of wellbeing—is to insult it and dishonor it too not a little!


The Fast Food Demon—or shall I call it a Pestilence Poltergeist?—is refusing to go away from this world, and its overall quality is going south too with each month passing! Many wives have called a permanent halt to their home cooking habit once they are well settled with earning bread winners (who have accordingly chosen to maintain a low profile for reasons of having some peace at home!)  and this has also added to the insult of this fad.

Admitted that a global wave on health enhancing food consumption styles is present but even then young persons can’t be mature and balanced that early as McDonald’s management calculates! Non meal times offer a fine niche segment to focus on, it thinks.

McDonald’s, a globally famous fast food specializing firm, with its hammered in logo of the Golden Arches, is fallen on hard rocks at the moment but its refusing to let go of its prime revenue-earner yet, in spite of numerous glitches and customer complaints and litigations. Bloomsburg report has it that it’s pitching in on the fast food dead zone between lunch and dinner—2pm till 5pm, when potential consumers tend to get the hunger signal for snacks!

To meet that demand its turning out croissants, sweets and muffin tops and a new sundae topping station for ice cream lovers!!

My Dietary Tip Four is linked to Stress busting food items.

You and I are only too well aware that we are passing through too many stress-generating and stress-multiplying times today what with the competitive job market, unattainable work deadlines, customer pressure on delivery dates, consumer insistence on top quality at an unaffordable price (especially in India, where an offer of freebies still work wonders sales volume-wise!), over ambitious kids wishing to start out on their own with inadequate skill sets, emotional roller coasters in the life partners and so on!

In general, stress busting food items are fruits and vegetables like capsicum, bottle gourd and salad cucumbers, which tend to cool your internal system considerably and minimize the production of free radicals by far. These are food items like green leafy vegetables, blueberries, ball grapes, avocados, nuts like walnuts or almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and dark chocolate. Stress busting foods, which we need to incorporate into our diet contain Folic Acid, Vitamin B 12, Magnesium and anti-oxidants all of which have shown link to regulating our good hormones and in minimizing our depression.

To illustrate I had a minor planar psoriasis on my heels primarily because I was not used to scrubbing my hells for many years but a treatment route accompanied by capsicum consumption healed the whole syndrome in no time at all, never to recur!

Bottle gourd ensures that you get sound dreamless sleep simply because it contains tryptophan, a sleep inducing chemical along with a bumper harvest of anti-oxidants and micro nutrients! Salad cucumbers supplies you with a pro-biotic ambiance inside your gut, thus ensuring your stamina and overall health looks!

Turning into a colloidal jelly, it also ensures that you don’t need to needlessly strain in your toilet session too!

Some of these food items –e.g. banana–help condition your emotional response as well as regulate blood sugar in normal non DM individuals!

Dietary Tip Four shall be about restricting the consumption of alcohol for whatever reason you might have felt like consuming it.

Halting the use of tobacco goes parallel with this too. Tobacco literally kills you from the inside!

The final Health tip, this time not related to your diet, is about the sheer greatness of Exercise on a regular basis to delay your ageing and to ward off disease! At least 5 days a week, assure your body that you want to use it as a machine, for a marvelously designed and internally engineered machine it is! By “Exercise” I don’t mean only aerobic activity or cardiovascular fitness but also anything that can increase your lung capacity and muscular fitness. You feel energetic all through the day and become far more productive than earlier in your natural stride as a benefit of exercise!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty,” said the Lord Buddha,” otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. In this way only can do justice to God’s gift-LIFE”


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