Our young people-gender doesn’t matter in this case- are notorious for not only living in a fantasy Laputan world of their own making but also for fancying they can by main force change the whole world and then for some uninvited lawless behavior on the roads and campuses and rebellion against own parents at home!
Our youth are also happy go lucky despite their getting zero employment offers and for having wasted their precious April-of-life years in an imaginary pursuit of “education” or “learning”!
Except for parents that are callous, almost all parents are deeply concerned about this issue though they are supremely uninterested in finding a solution for this character-less-ness.
Of course they are also ignorant of the gravity of this issue.
Mothers ,with tears streaming down their faces, allege that character formation falls within the purview of the progenitor father while fathers say, in self defense, that its the duty of the mothers to ensure that the kids develop good etiquette and character that is socially acceptable!
My immediate concern is NOT this family issue, but something far more significant–the NPAs in our banks,hoodwinked enough to give away loans to these children for pursuing their higher studies!
The funds they–our banks I mean– gave out belong tot he tax paying public of this country and the same must be returned tot he national exchequer!
Media reports have it that the total student loan NPAs in Kerala is @ Rs 1357.57 crores.
These young persons have 55107 bank accounts in their names and SBT(sorry, SBI) has been , predictably enough the biggest NPA burden carrier all along!
The State government –through its nodal agency the the National Informatics Center–has sought to play a Mai Baap role of sorts here by helping these defaulter youth pay back the dues with some subsidies added for flavoring!.
My considered take on the report is that such an approach is undeservedly magnanimous as the game is being played out with its politics and party backing!
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