The cartoon series on Dilbert by S.Adams teaches us many things about what happens to business graduates at their workstation! Dilbert comes up with a new project ,which his boss doesn’t take to.He is given an assistant but it keeps overhearing his family secrets and brings much nuisance into his life. He makes creative suggestions for optimizing the firm’s efficiency but the boss prefers to sleep in his corner room!
Hundreds of Dilberts come out ,year after year, of our 1200 odd B-Schools with an MBA degree on a piece of paper.
But it takes many more months if not years for them to fully integrate into themselves the stuff they have been pumped into through 35 odd subjects related to business.
In the case of our female MBA graduates, the Indian hubbies turn out to be wet blankets by far (We bring up our sons in an atrocious manner!) and seldom go out of their way to actively and passionately help their wives to come up in life as business women.
Naturally over 70% of these MBA womenfolk end up as moms with kids and not as they have been trained at the B-School—viz to become young leaders of the corporate realm.
Gender discrimination is their curse in the first few years but then they hit the first glass ceiling on their way to promotion and rank and prosperity!
My suggestion to all parents of ambitious spinsters that clamor for getting enrolled at a B School is for him or her to initiate a plain speak session with the girls in a face to face scenario and get to know what is the quantum of the fire in their bellies!
If the parent gets the impression that the daughter doesn’t have an enterprising spirit on her own and also persistence and perseverance enough, they had better stream these children into some other less aggressive walks of life!
Indian MBA women are fated to remain severely underutilized under-blooming or late-blooming cherry blossom buds unless they have within them the spunk to take their lives into their own hands!
Indian men may be born free but our women are never born free;the instant they get pushed out into our silly nation all kinds of shackles and ankle monitors are put on them without the least iota of mercy and humanity!
Of course there are vigorous and vibrant exceptions among hubbies to what I have said by way of a sweeping generalization.
Good Night!
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