Says Mahatria Ra as follows,

Seek abundance from your life! Make your potential count.Seek more from your life all the time.Never settle!Every tree, every flower has a season–and only that tree experiences the Spring in its plenty that strongly strains to be eligible for it.Everyone will experience Spring in their lives!Make sure your own Spring is the most abundant and variegated and colorful!

Human life, as my 5 year old grandson put it recently in his childlike fashion, ”is a great opportunity for adventure of all kinds”.[He often amazes us with similar declarations but we laugh such observations off as if he doesn’t mean it !]

Human life can be viewed as mere subsistence or keeping body and soul together by hook or by crook, through doing minimum effort and getting just enough to buy some food and some sort of shelter, say, in some dormitory or shop front. I know of many families and some Indian communities interpreting life in this way and not at all habituated to demanding more from their lives on the planet!

Parents in such communities or families stand like the Himalayas when their kids get a great opportunity to make it big abroad or a distance. They resist and veto any aspiration expressed by their kids for advancement and declare that just living is enough and more than enough at all times! They bring up kids in the most atrocious manner themselves, ensuring at all times that the instinctive creativity and innovative thinking habit gets culled early enough in life for the latter.

Often I call such kids “non-chordata” or “backbone-less” kids, not useful for any organization except as an adjunct bolt or nut in a huge organization, at the lowest rung of the workforce hierarchical order and not required to take any decisions at all! Such kids, if they happen to be male, don’t have it within themselves to be good fathers or good enough husbands or wives too by far. If born female, they tend to put on artificial and pompous airs, thus inviting universal ridicule in any location.

If you demand more from your life in terms of power, money and influence you need to carefully arrange the cards in your own deck of cards that you got at birth! By analyzing those cards—I mean your inborn talents and abilities by this innocent term—you can easily become conscious of your inherent weaknesses and blind spots. You can also get an outline sketch of your forte or strong point.

To illustrate this point, if you find that you have acquired a stammer on your way to adulthood, you can know that you can’t be good at communication unless you consciously set to correct it. If you see that you are club footed, you must think of either getting the deformity rectified in some hospital or if your family doesn’t have the needed finance you must think of choosing an alternative career line.

If you love whistling in your bath, crooning lullabies and singing film songs, and also enjoy that activity, you must know that it may be your golden key to a golden future too.

If, as a kid, you preferred to hover about your parental kitchen area, smelling food items or tasting them or even nibbling up some morsels, well you could make for a Michelin Chef too somewhere!

Indians give over importance to our gender and often use it as a tool to marginalize us if we are born as women. In reality gender doesn’t matter at all when it comes to demanding MORE from your life.

You CAN make it really big whatever your gender is, provided you have done the necessary quantum of thinking on your own and done a crude SWOT analysis and asked your own self some queries in genuine Ishikawa format!

LIFE can be literally a Horn of Plenty (or what we term in India as Akshaypatra) once you get born and once you have an ambiance around you that is charged with positive energy. Anyone that radiates negative energy you must shoo away without any iota of mercy as early as you can since they can lessen your final achievement breeziness!

As Andrew Carnegie, a millionaire of our yesterdays, practiced all through his life, surround yourself with positively oriented persons, no matter their caste community age and gender! Sip up their counsel and absorb their tips.

Human life is such a short opportunity that you would be harming your owns elf if you let your own self let it go to waste by wasting  its precious hours in pursuit of some will-o-the-wisp goal like Nirvana!

Prayer and meditation are certainly solacing activities –all through our history from as early as 17000 years ago–and so go by a faith that ensures that you pray every day of your life at least for a few minutes. I am born a Hindu by birth but have discovered, through my personal reading and through social intercourses, much value in Christian principles and some Islam hadiths too.

This additional awareness has, I believe taken off any earlier angularities almost totally and I find I can get along much more happily too with those around me! I have also realized that bank deposits are self-limiting in many aspects but that investments are much more worth the effort.

Value addition is my habit and I experiment with such value addition in food matters too often with remarkable results!

LIFE can give you 100% more than you have ever dreamed it can! Hold fast to your chosen God and work hard too so He is happy for you!

The rest shall take care of itself in your favor!

Only the Captain that prepared in advance for a change of wind on the high seas ever got to experience trade winds wafting in his desired direction!

NOT he that viewed wind currents on the high seas as a purely whimsical Cleopatra!

Have a GREAT Day!


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