Good Morning to you all!
There is a spark of Godhead in every human being, no matter the gender and age;this is what acts out as the source of all inspiration for innovation and creativity in life!
All of us have been born with this spark from Heaven but many among us tend to ignore it, deny its existence, belittle it or run it down as something insignificant,till it fades into the morning sunlight and common light of day and eventually vanishes.
To see this spark from Heaven in Man is the great message that Ramayana passes on to every one of us as we read through its exciting story.
Mr Sreekumaran Thampi, a famous lyricist, has said that the Rama in Valmiki’s original epic was only a commoner but that the Malayalam version of the epic seeks to project this protagonist as a demigod because he lives to fulfill his life mission and realize his vision of a world emancipated from Evil!
The Victorian poet Matthew Arnold has also, in his poem “Scholar Gypsy”, refers to this spark from Heaven driving us on and on towards the realization of what we essentially are- creatures of stardust!
The month of Karkidakom, the last month in the Malayalam Calendar in Kerala in South India, is devoted to reading the Ramayana —and this has a justification!
This final month in a year comes at a time when the paddy fields here are turning golden with ripeness and plenty and the weather itself gives the farmer much hope of a bumper harvest.The month itself is a bit on the dry side with short-lived miseries .
Its summer according to the Western calendar of course and as John Keats has it in his “Ode to Autumn”, its a season of plenty everywhere !
Godhead is not only a Golden Cloud but also Light, Knowledge, Plenty,Joyfulness, Celebration!And the month of Chingam– or August-September time–is all that too!
Reading the Ramayana epic Hindus ,wherever they may be settled in this wide world,  prepare themselves to do justice to that Promised Plenty and thus realize the magnanimity of God, the Creator!!
Have a great day!
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