As that brooding American poet Frost might have put it, the woods may be lovely dark and deep but I have

Miles to go before I sleep,

Miles to go before I sleep”

I have a busy day ahead of me and therefore I took an early 4 am bath, got fully dressed up and am here!

My first obligation to relive my lost Thirties with a visit to the Karamana High School grounds where the Santos club members –all school boys incidentally– come to play that most exciting game on weekend days.

Quite often I give them tips on how to send the ball in quite unexpected directions to distract the opponents before guiding it to the goal post with expert kicks. Or about how they must be self-disciplined but mostly I watch them and analyze the game.

(In my Thirties,after I secured my ELT M.Litt Degree on English Remediation Program Design and Administration from the EFLU  in Hyderabad, I left India for that most mountainous nation Ethiopia where I used to play football in the evenings for a change. Of course I used to have minor injuries and bruises too in that connection but that is part and parcel of this most manly game! Unlike cricket, despite FIFA, this is not a gentlemen’s game but rather a Jallikattu bull’s aggressive game, and one that compels us to spend almost a day’s energy reserves within 2 or 3 hours!)

On my return trip I need to give a boost of confidence to my 89 year old relative here, who has been brave enough to fend off her youngest son’s ill-intentioned move to keep her a virtual incommunicado prisoner within his total control in his home. She felt that her life wouldn’t be worth living in that man’s most horrible mockery of a home!

Some years ago another of my neighbors-a lawyer- brought his mom here from Ernakulam after he had lost his dad, and then housed her in his disused kennel for many months under lock and key—merely to prevent her from ‘willing’ away her share of the landed property his late dad had! Even today the guy is alive –none speak to him –but his own home is in a Chernobyl condition!

Newton’s Third Law of Motion is always relevant in life too!

I must blog a bit about that most vivacious ministerial figure of all-Ms. Smriti Irani- who has infused a lot of energy into our nation’s textile sector.

Earlier she was in the Human Resources Ministry and she had rendered sterling services in not only meeting her official duties to perfection but also in issuing directions to ensure that our college and university campuses were free from undesirable discussions, anti-national debates, formation of terrorist student groups etc.

Our omnipresent Opposition-led ‘barking dogs’ had seemingly engineered much media disagreement and student unrest against her so called draconian measures to clean up our campuses of malcontents.

Her energy and enthusiasm tsunami is continuing in full Niagara flow ever after she got shifted to the Textile Ministry.

ET—The Economic Times you silly!– reports that she this sector has got a new lease of life today with major trade volume, expansion in production and still more experimentation with new years and fibers going on.

And finally I need to visit a couple of ongoing painting exhibitions in the city too—viz. The Aqua Show at East Fort and another in some hall in the city!!


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