But not a gatecrasher!!

Whatever angle you may choose to view it from, Mr. Modi’s recent visit to Israel the Promised Land of the Jews needs to be labelled under EPIC, what with its protocol shattering welcomes, and effusive wall to wall accompaniment of music and melody; it’s as if both Israel and India underwent a national catharsis of sorts simultaneously through this experience!

What I have consistently observed in this of ne of a kind Indian PM is that he is damn good at engineering much acceleration in bilateral relations wherever he chooses to visit. In other words it would be but born April Fools who shall carp at him for spending the nation’s money for his visits abroad. Not only our nation’s forex reserves have shot up to USD 385 billion today as a consequence of his visits but also he has brought numerous industrial units from both the eat and the west to this country struggling so hard day and night to effect a breakthrough of sorts from its Third World ignominy!

Mind you he has boldly created history by treading with aplomb in a country where not one of his 13 predecessors dared set foot. They spoke with diffidence and gingerliness about that small but lion-hearted nation on all occasions.

The Indian media houses also played the faithful poodle, projecting the need for all Indians to be overcautious; they were hypocritical in their portrayal of that nation too in their write ups and thus they poisoned millions of young susceptible minds there![Paid news by pro Palestine lobbies across India is a threat to the national integrity itself! ]

Our so called politicians –including those free riders with shameless allegiances reaching  even abroad!–also were outraged by this announcement from the PMO and voiced their gratuitous opinions on behalf of the Palestine lobby but Modi’s team never felt heckled for a nanosecond!

This act of his gave Israel the needed fillip confidence-wise and also redefined India’s external global image as an eminently clubbable and get-along-able national entity!

It has actually been a 25 year long relationship enhancement and toning up process, to put it frankly. It was PV Narasimha Rao that visited Israel last .Over these 25 years Israel has unwaveringly proved to be India’s most trusted national security partner and defense gadgets supplier.

But for strong objections by a largely monopolist US supplier group, Israel would surely have shared cutting edge military hardware with India!

In spite of this India has often taken refuge like a poltroon behind self-doubts and misgivings on foreign for a whenever any reference was made to Israel’s right to not only exist as a brave nation but also work and prosper in West Asia! It needs global validators to affirm its right to exist on erstwhile Palestine territory on account of its own faith and its people’s lifestyle and faith.

Then, which other nation on this planet, including our Fatherland India, doesn’t want such affirmation of its own importance please?



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