All men and women are created equals of course! All may not be in chains, however, though Voltaire, the venerable French philosopher, said so!

Some are, by the time they touch 15, so spoilt that they don’t stand any chance of leading a happy and peaceful life anywhere anytime! It’s well acknowledged that parents alone are responsible for ‘murdering’ kids in this vicarious manner over many years though NO mom worth her salt will ever admit to it or shed a single drop of tear for the kid once he is thrown behind bars.

All TV channels are surfeit with both men and women talking away till they get hoarse about this specific film star, whose film name is no longer relevant for our discussion.

For the sake of convenience we shall christen him D. Till a couple of days ago he was a super star though a counterfeit one, till the police force spilled his beans for the benefit of the news hungry Malayali public!

Across India no Counterfeit Investigation Department (abbr. CID!) is to observable, though numerous private detectives are here. But my conviction is that a back ground check is a must not only for IT job aspirants and IT recruitees but also for film stars since they are working in an industry accountable in many ways to the Indian public at large!

As I see it, it’s a case of maternally engineered kid spoiling. This D imbibed the most atrocious lessons from his own parents, and from his biological mom in particular, and Lesson One administered to him and his brother—A–was to go all out for money making at the expense of personal conscience and basic sense of ethics. Might be, they were passing through hardship themselves-the parents I mean –and so they told their kids this great lesson on how to amass riches by hook or by crook. Growing kids are dry sponges when it comes to imbibing new ideas and new paradigms and so these two boys mastered Lesson One all right. They learned how to be gate crashers without etiquette and also to jostle their way through the unsuspecting crowd to gain their ends. Like most other ill-bred young men they also learned to establish marital alliances without a scruple and to USE their wives for their own ends.

They also subscribed to the DV (domestic violence) notion all right –again like thousands of Indian males and bachelors!—and to play possum when they had to pay some cash to someone else in return for services.

Even school education mattered little to D because he was way too impatient to get into the money making game all right! Thus it was that he pushed his way into the HR-thirsty tinsel world of Malayalam films.

It was there , while learning the rudiments of how to act and direct films expertly, that he truly saw vast sums being handed over the table and also of what might happen to him if he did not act in any film for, say six months. He went on learning all right m but only those lessons that he was sure would pay high dividends in the coming days.

To cut a long short enough for you, D recently splurged a few of his millions in giving a quotation job—a dirty job all through- to one of his trusted Man Fridays known by his nick name Pulsar, the bike brand that the young man loved to move around on, and that mercenary misbehaved as directed towards a bright young actress in a moving vehicle.

D calculated (he is a scheming villain that will slice you by your throat while smiling all the way!) that the young woman was just like most Malayali women, and that she might not come out with an allegation and accusation about the incident, least of all to the veterans in the film industry because the crook knew only too well that he would get into trouble with the prevailing law if she did so!

But Satan was particular that she become bold enough to do precisely so within hours and thus the news got out. By dawn of the next day, the regional media took this succulent news up for PCR or polymerization chain reaction as it were! [I am sure that you have seen this in the Attenborough film titled “Jurassic Park”!]

During all the 81 days before the guy got seized and imprisoned, we had occasional references in the print media especially to the progress the investigation was registering on a day to day basis. At the moment the young Uriah Heep is awaiting trial for multiple charges and accusations in a court of law.

Probably the guy would brazen it out for all I can guess since he is part criminal by DNA design and part criminal by home up bringing for sure! But he has at the same time given such a body blow to the regional film artiste fraternity that they will require months of mental rehabilitation to recoup and rally and come round to normalcy!

Almost all male film artistes are encountering cat calls and stone pelting now in the open and there are “Crucify him!” against a few by an unexpectedly prodded, bear-baited and infuriated and suddenly frustrated local crowd too.

The young woman in this issue got out of the home state well in anticipation and so she may come to know of the wheels within wheels complexities later on.

Centuries ago it was Aesop that told us about a young man sentenced to be hanged and his biting off the ear of his own biological mom by way of offering her a final ‘reward’ for conniving at him for minor pilfering acts and for stealing from the vicinity in his childhood.

Aesop was spot on because even today this lesson holds fully valid. Its parents in general and mothers in particular that really kill their kids’ native creativity and susceptibility to absorbing Goodness

And ALSO for inciting them on to lead a Mammon Disciple lifestyle by embracing Evil!

Such moms are not really mothers, as you and I know it but real demons from the Netherworld thrown amidst us with some deceptively likeable human shape! They may be female in gender, as far as gender differences go, but they are a liability for Mother Earth and for the whole community around. They may also have all those secondary accessories on themselves that they use to tempt men in the prime of life into the marital game! They may also give birth to kids!

Under their hubby’s roof, they subtly and gradually unfold their bag of underworld tricks and play the demons they happen to be by taking out their evil designs on unsuspecting children who end up history-sheeters as a consequence!



To sum up, the world you and I see around us day in and day out has a parallel shadowy world in it – a world of counterfeit luxury goods, fake men and fake women.At first look these may look like the genuine ones but over time they reveal their real fake nature.

Recently according to print media reports, a huge consignment of such fake goods was seized in Mumbai,supposedly being imported from China by one “Arsh Kumar of New Delhi”.And the consignment container was filled to the roof with all kinds of fake goods of very low quality and intended to be passed on at exorbitant rates tot eh unsuspecting Indians!






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