Running down the PM merely for convincing other party animals of one’s own loyalty is in vogue, though this habit is fast losing its credibility in the light of unquestionable and exceptional achievements brought about by this India loving PM after several decades of so-so PM rubber stamps!

It would be really unjust to assess the Modi Ministry’s performance merely on economic growth and job creation brought about in the past three cataclysmic and adventurous years.

The present day Sensex Bull Run may end in a crash of course, as runs go, but then it was ignited by China’s slowdown too.

WHAT has undergone growth during the last 1000 odd days without you and me probably realizing its significance, is that our economy’s Growth Potential has been qualitatively taken several steps ahead.’

Financial inclusion and the linking of Aadhar with cell phone numbers, and then these with data connectivity, shall make finances more efficient. It may also stimulate entrepreneurship at the bottom of the pyramid!

A political commitment has been made–a first!- to sanitation.

None of the Gandhis and Desais were really bothered about manual scavengers’ woes! But now Modi is ensuring that all of us get hygienic sanitation facility!

States can compete with one another in good governance today thanks to Niti Aayog’s  stress on rigorous outcome!.

A huge Gulf Stream for ensuring all round Renewable Energy Availability across India has been set free to transform India, especially Rural India!

In general I have kept off the politics Dartmoor Bog waters till now but Mr Modi–or perhaps the PM +PMO+ Modi TEAM of seasoned bureaucrats and experts– impresses me deeply!

By God he does!

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