One single event can change the course and direction of our lives as we all are aware, but then, most of us never get to notice what we do at certain times! Think of a young man getting a job on a tanker vessel and then getting kidnapped by Somali pirates off the coast of Aden!

Or think of a wedded woman, a grass widow with her hubby far away, falls into a steamy affair with an escaped convict in disguise! Or of an ageing man plan to elope from his overly familiar life partner!

A U-Turn on the road can lead to unpredictable and nasty consequences as the film maker VK Prakash has illustrated through his brain baby CAREFUL recently!

He claims it to be an edge-of- the-seat thriller. But it’s the hidden message –of having to be extremely wary and cautious these days whatever you happen to be engaged in at the moment!–that I am impacted by at my age.

CAREFUL is as much about loss as it is about togetherness. Sudden U-turns can be even fatal as you and I know!

As I told you some time ago, the 27th of August 1976 was my Crucifixion Day and I had to take a totally different tangential direction to stay sane( I went out of this state and all unpleasant influences for about two and half years to Hyderabad)  and live after that, for all these years!

The young man that went away from his home state after his traumatic experiences at his  in-law home was almost unrecognizably different—maybe a Beta version– from what I happen to be today-my final Version 2.0!!

As TS Eliot has put it poetically in his The Journey of the Magi it was indeed a death for me—the death of impulsiveness– and a birth—the birth of a new personality unheard of earlier named SADA!

No longer could I be as cheerful as I had always been from birth, and I became dead serious, taciturn to a fault unless asked something, courteous as society demands and no more!

And also I ceased to be carefree and happy-go-lucky! Instead I became ambitious and far more hard-working, if only for keeping away from an uncomfortable depressing ambiance at home! Our small daughter was my single consolation in those days; she was what I lived to bring up!

Love at first sight is often erroneously claimed to be such a life-changing event (as we see in the hilarious film titled  Vandanam ) and often the cue for serenades and purple patch juvenilia but then it flops because its mostly mere infatuation a teenager feels for another!

Many vendors of Indian spiritualism-most are fake attempting to earn their living without any effort—say that you must receive counsel and tips from a Guru—and also recount how they had met their preceptor in front of some cave or under a Bodhi tree in distant Himalayas! Even if this might be true, a single such meeting could not have transformed them.

I needn’t overemphasize the life-and-death importance of having to be careful on the roads, which are actually a jungle in India. Even a slight impulsive flick of the bike handle or car steering wheel may cause a serious, often irreversible, accident to you and your pillion.

Again you need to be  utmost careful when you are engaged in cooking in the kitchen area, where you use flames, water, liquid petroleum gas, knives and even motors for various gadgets designed to ease your task whatever it may be!

Having had only peanuts income before our UGC scales came as a bonanza, and partly b/coz I got no assistance or encouragement whatever from my partner for erecting a home of our own here on this lovely hillock, I could afford to lay only quality ceramic tiles for flooring purposes but then my wealthier colleagues laid vitrified tiles and invited many orthopedic accidents thereafter! On a vitrified tiles floor, you need to be extremely careful especially during the rainy season!

Thus carefulness as a habit pays high dividends! Rashness and careless of any kind may bring the Black Angel to you sooner than you expect!

Live with self-respect and pride in being full of goodness towards the world around you;this is what WB Yeats meant when he chanted:

Pride like that of the sun,

When the headlong light is loose,

Or that of the fabulous Horn,

Or that of the sudden shower,

When all streams are dr5y,

Or that of the hour,

When the swan must fix his eye,

Upon a fading gleam,

And there sing his last song”

Do Be Careful please! [WB Yeats: TOWER]

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