Amazon is a huge e-commerce firm, also present in India, but its main strength depends on it’s the many sellers it has retained within its fold. Uber is another success story and it has its reliable partners in every State. Successful film makers also have wide network of key persons to help them sincerely!

Sharing talents at brainstorming sessions is something that must happen in every firm dreaming of success in the market and sustained growth. The beautiful thing about collaboration—rather than unhealthy competition against a rival leading to attrition within both firms—is the agility and speed of execution and the experience of working directly with independent decision makers.

Different teams having different capabilities (as per the need of the potential customers in varied regions and localities) can be structured out of the recruited youth.

This is also true of families that wish to grow, grow and GROW to dizzy heights of prosperity. Families get made or marred by the competence, disinterested passion,  individual verve  and creativity of the man and the woman that are running the show for the eventual benefit of the young ones!

In other words, they are making an investment of time and energy that is sure to yield bumper yields to those that follow them sometime in the future—a future that they themselves might not live long enough to see!!

Parents hopefully must be large hearted enough to let their kids choose mates for themselves, to begin with, across caste, communities and faith, hold regular harmony sessions at home so there is no hostility among the members at any time, ensure 24 hour de-clogged communication channels with every member, abide by and observe the non-negotiable relationship borderlines, and share food together if not a common neutral prayer too.

Both sharing a common prayer format and sharing food at least once a day have Houdini magic within them. Irrespective of individual pressures and strains, all members of such a family tend to stick together in times of contingency or crisis! Cosmetic products are happily shared by all; no obsession with playing superior to others owing to family pedigree gets cultivated ever! No superficial difference maters any more for helping individual vanity.

Skin tints and regional expressions don’t matter.

No one claims that his or her God is better than that of another member too since they all chant a common prayer and consume common food!

For major purchases, surplus money gets pooled and given back later with a smile with no questions asked! Ongoing empowerment of every member means the family becomes strong enough to meet any challenge at any time!

My point is that NO member within such a family unit must feel neglected, ignored, or discriminated against at any moment.

We are dealing with highly emotional vessels aka human beings, mind you!

And we must give due respect to a member however oddly he/she may be dressed so long as she/he is comfortable with it. And pay rapt attention, as wonderful parents, or FILs or MILs to what a member has to say at any time too, listen to distress calls, or SOSes, and offer timely assistance!

This is way to go for a family IF the family is earnest about GROWING and establishing a culture in which no incoming member—SIL or DIL or guest or media person or interested visitor– but experiences nurturing!

All the members as well the parents go on learning and acquiring skills and ideas enough to ,say, a business themselves one day!

Recipes from one members are given to all and wonderful business projects get discussed after lunch or dinner in total privacy and zest!

If one member wishes to turn an entrepreneur, he or she gets instant help from all the others! The parents can freely contribute their view of the matter—true Edward de Bono style of using Six Hats—and this idea may get modified by one member so as to better suit the collective ambition to grow!

Wonderful conversations follow day after day! Brainstorming becomes a habit of the family!

SUCH A FAMILY—breezily inter-caste and inter-faith and inter-State or international– IS BLESSED ENOUGH TO REACH ITS BLUE OCEAN MOMENT AT THE EARLIEST!

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