Human ignorance doesn’t discriminate between developing and developed countries, thank God!

That many Americans are blandly ignorant of where a location is on the planet is well acknowledged today. Some US kids say that chocolate milk comes from the Swiss Brown cow. My point is that the vast Pacific of ignorance is lapping at our shores- and inside our homes too day in and day out.

Our real challenge all through our life journey is, in my eye, to remain somewhat knowledgeable, unaffected by all this furiously drummed up ignorance and nonsense!

Not only individuals but also governments can be misled. Recall Ramar Petrol Manufacturing technique from fresh green leaves? How much money that con artist made by cheating the Tamils and others in this manner is anyone’s guess today.

The hidden secret was the ‘stick’ used to stir the pot at times during its time on the stove; it was actually a tube that was filled to the brim with toluene!

Here in Trivandrum there is a house named VIRUS, believe it or not. It a posh residence costing about 5 crores and it belongs to someone that sold a fake ‘drug’ for AIDS! So many hundreds were taken in by that guy!

Ignorance of the potential user or customer gets easily exploited by such crafty and cunning persons. You may recall what I told you sometime back—of how I went to many banks asking for information about SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) and how I got deceived by an ICICI Pru Life Insurance branch with a snail-pace growth policy under the pretext of the scheme being both a SIP and an MF, while the reality was it was neither!

Tamil Nadu is adjacent to my home State but there the men and women have a tendency to blindly deity film stars.Or they had till recently,when one of their favorite CMs –an erstwhile film artiste from Karnataka–passed way.

The State,though bountiful agri-wise,  is noted for its rampant pro-Bribery mindset.Dowry convention is accepted .Much injustice is done to both kids and old persons without the community or the mass media feeling any hue and cry!

A lot of money changes hands during election season and the habit of giving or receiving unearned amounts is not viewed as anti-nation at all!

The CM I referred to  had , by way of her personal earnings, bribes, as well as contributions to her party amassed such a lot of assets that the High court in Karnataka was astounded some time ago.

She founded a party ,which invoked a magical smoke screen for the people.After her demise the party split into two and now legal proceedings have started against the CM himself as well as some ministers!

Again a case of how the lack of discerning ability –call it simplicity if you will- is used to amass personal wealth with minimum effort!

Admitted that in the course of our otherwise harried lives across India we can’t get to know in detail about everything but then it’s imperative that you and I remain permanently on guard against being pick-pocketed in this apparently honorable manner!


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