On International Yoga Day across India could be found thousands of yoga enthusiasts, of both genders, who were participating in the many kinds of yoga practice with a rare fervor.Some were standing on their heads in open spaces while many others were doing various yoga asanas with enormous physical difficulty as if they were hell bent to abide by the PM’s call!


In times to come, our present day PM shall be certainly remembered for taking Yoga to the global for carrying it to all global fora and even to the UN of course but then I felt that these aficionados have missed something vital to Yoga practice viz. Diet.

You and I are fully are, aren’t we, that it’s our diet that makes or breaks us in the long run?

Too much guzzling of carbs is bad for the colon and rectum; too much protein intake is bad for our kidneys; too much calcium or iron is also equally bad for our heart. Too much consumption of deep fried oily foods hikes our blood cholesterol content and too much sugary intake is a DM ally!

Let me presume that every Yoga guy or gal is passionate about living a long and productive life. Correct me if I sound a fool on this point! At least this was what I felt at a recent yoga session I attended.

I think any Yoga practitioner must be fully aware of what kind of diet to have before or after he or she practices this Indian contribution the corpus of human knowledge. I don’t have the Vegetarian-Non vegetarian kinds in my mind but the specific food items that he or she must strictly avoid for getting maximum benefit from what /she is practicing with zest.

I would like to seek the help of all professional dieticians in this realm please! That is, IF their mindset is positive and co-operative! If they aren’t, it means that they are just run of the mill, using this knowledge ONLY for making money  and with zero commitment—like most public servants out there across the nation!!

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