Remaining almost totally alienated from the perspiring and hardworking people of the country has always been, ever since Patrician Nehru’s days of total aristocratic lifestyle, the Congress party’s unacknowledged Achilles’ heel.

This tendency to USE the voter for own benefit and then turn indifferent to his real grievances and needs has been that party’s consistent policy too. Almost all political outfits in the country have had the Itching Palm syndrome, primarily at election time, and then for getting involved in local disagreements or skirmishes. This once-Nehruvian and thus idealist outfit also benefited that way and many even scoured the bottom of the commoner’s barrel during election seasons apparently to fund expenses and thus it became the party habit.

In return the Indian Commoner—to borrow RK Laxman’s incomparable epithet—got virtually nothing that could be termed a life enhancement booster!(If you have any doubts still lingering, please ask the people in Rae Bareli and Amethi please!)

Party Promotion– with a P in capitals—has always been the Congress party’s basic Source Code; in other words it has been a “What’s in It for Me?” approach!!

In this manner it was that the party bigwigs sowed the wind and are now reaping the whirlwind at every election in the country.

If the Opposition party finds itself within a deep pit today, it’s a pit that their own leaders had been digging assiduously for more than 5 or 6 decades!

They let regional pressure groups get EC registered as full blooded parties with zero verification of the groups’ credentials and claims. They let corruption grow as tall as Jack’s beanstalk! They connived at the dishonesty practiced by their own party members. They tried their best to eliminate dissent by keeping one party-the present day ruling party, incidentally- within their cross hairs!

And so many more!

On analysis I find that it has erred on a dozen counts. In medical jargon, it has fallen into a “Zero-Response-to-Treatment” Syndrome!

Of course, I can pinpoint their warts and moles and imperfections to them but I have no longer any hope of redeeming them ever. Not only have they got politically and socially ghettoized through their own effort but also have largely condemned themselves to living with a specific lifestyle!

Whether the ruling party’s dream of a Congress Free India shall come about is still much in doubt since large patches or swathes of the Indian populace still remain the dark of illiteracy and ignorance and lack of awareness. But it’s almost certain today that this outfit doesn’t any longer have a bright political prognosis!

Take my Word for it! And remember this year 2017!

[And never mistake me; I am NO party animal at all!]

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