All for One and One for ALL is our family punch line and mission statement.Originally this line comes from THE THREE MUSKETEERS by Alexandre Dumas Pere!

No matter where we happen to be , we are ALWAYS in contact many times a day and all through the year!In our eye, its communication hot channels that can play the real centrifugal force in all households!And lack of inter personal communication can scatter family members too to remote locations and both indifferent and unwilling to reach out to one another!

We are at one when it comes to living fulfilling lifestyles and earning enough to do justice to our youngest heir but we also have NO time to tell tales about our many so-called relatives or spread canards about them at all.

My siblings get responded to depending on how really sincere they are towards us all.

My siblings (except the eldest who is no more) are in their golden years of course but then if their children feel friendly enough to communicate to us, we respond .If they don’t care ,we too don’t have any time for them.

An insult to my grandson–the youngest kid in this family– is an insult to me.

A sly, crooked-mouth satirical comment I happen to hear about our daughter is an insult to us too.

Age is a minor issue here. We feel we are as young as we can make it!

All our genuine–GENUINE- friends are equally important to us all and we value human relationships highly–ABOVE what we earn in cash!

The invisible fences erected for us by the relatives are merely breakthrough-fragile for us all!

All of us pray and share good food together if we can. Or we pray silently for one another! I pray daily for our ONLY daughter so far away and I pray especially for her talented son! In fact I save for him and live for his later facilities!

Personally I hail from poverty and misery, but I wouldn’t wish that boy to have any such.

Having to push daisies is no matter!

When it comes to food intake we are not bound by silly bans or conventions.

We seek to do justice to our own physical selves first through the food we ingest because FOOD can be medicine too !

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