The Mandsaur Volcano exploded owing to desperation of Rural India’s peasant community.The peasants had no other channel of communication to let the rulers know of their plight!

But its roots lie way back in the 60’s and 70’s when the Congress ruled States were most probably under instructions from the party High Command to govern in such a way that the party broadened its own base at the expense of the voters without their being ever aware of it.

I dare say this because there is a distinct party nurturing pattern to be perceived in the performance style of all these States. Some of its visible manifestations were highly expensive and colorful launches of what were really trifling projects, long exhortations by many Congress party motor mouths, chamcha photo sessions, huger full page advertisements about the “great pedigree” of the party etc.

But on the ground it was all make-believe at the same time–but on purpose!

To cut a long story short, the peasantry in India, who have quite small ambitions mostly and who are mostly indigent and at subsistence level, were coolly callously ignored by the party b/coz they could be easily kicked into action with bribes at election time into voting for the Party with a capital “P”.!!

Or this was what the highly corrupt party animals believed sincerely!

The victims of this bloody policy were not only peasants but also commoners –and the life partners of some MPs.

The farmers of this nation need a friendly hand–some understanding from the local bank manager, a kisan reserve fund to withdraw enough funds for seed purchase seasonally, and expert professional guidance all through the farming season for enhancing crop quality and quantity!

NONE of these exists now.

This is a long standing issue -or metaphorically a rumbling volcano.

Dear PM, don’t ignore this please!

Jai Hind!

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