That I like to blog mostly on quite burning issues affecting this country and that I have an analytical brain behind the one most familiar to those that know me, are realities but then I haven’t tried ever to modify these to any extent since they have been useful to me in better comprehending what lies under much recrimination and accusation, often heard on the TV channels or in print media!

Life across India-except possibly in the remote hinterlands of the country, which I seriously doubt– is stressful in general and life in this small home State of mine is especially so, primarily thanks to the overpopulation ‘beer belly’ that we across India are carrying with effort even while we are straining hard to score a perfect 10 on our GDP!

Of course all of us tend to take this stress also in our stride and have developed some amount of immunity to it too, akin to the immunity we have cultivated within ourselves about the huge mounds of wet and dry garbage that dirty our street sides!

Even the bouts of illness that break out in consequence we take in our stride., partly because we have a convenient whipping boy aka the State government to blame for everything that is below our expectations!


Ever asked yourself why so many youngsters swarm to the IT industrial realm?

The answer is elementary.

IT firms want human being to push the keyboards on their behalf and make them wealthy in the long run! Whether the youngsters shall turn neurotics or zombies, or lifelong dependents as a result of working for these firms doesn’t factor in, in their eyes!

They may present this mindset in a white washed manner as empowering women folk and fresh graduates, though they –the CEOs –also are fully aware that empowering the youth is far more than giving them a feel good statement in the board room or a number to be tossed around!) .

As a result, they have lowered the entry criteria too much: Entry level English proficiency is enough to get into it, plus good communication skills! (For retaining talent, however, diversity in gender, ethnicity and even race is unavoidable. So one firm employs both middle aged and young persons in the same hall in separate cubicles!)

Even parents, whose primary priority is the amount of salary that the girl or boy may bring in, are seldom aware of the stratospheric stress level in this realm however.

Those employed by IT-BPM firms and ITEs firms seem to be stress-traumatized from Day One at their desks, since well-nigh unattainable targets and deadlines chase them week in and week out –like demons released from the Inferno on parole!

India’s OIT-BPM sector employs, according to an ET report, close to 3.7 million young persons between 20 and 30, and is supposedly growing at the fastest rate imaginable. The average annual revenue of this sector is USD 143 billion.

No wonder our young women are instantly tempted by its juicy remuneration and perks offers like 100 Sodexo food vouchers a month per employee, free transportation to and fro from office and back, subsidized snacks and brunch facility,  and so on!

Nay, one out of three employees in this sector and 34% of the total workforce in the IT BPM sector are women, again shy of 30!

Ominously enough the female labor force participation (FLFP) fell by about 10% during the past decade in India and among BRIC nations India recorded the lowest FLFP rate too!

See anything in this revelation?

Or, you still call it a significant progress?

Call it what you will please but there is a dark side to this ‘moon’ too though you may be thinking of the lucre!

I have here in my mind the factor of personal stress caused in this kind of job—a job that demands that you conceal your identity under a western name, supposedly more familiar to the ma/woman in the West contacting you for some specific IT service, and which requires you to lose your regular sleep on most days of the week, and which plays havoc with your food intake time table too.

For fresh B.Tech degree holders it’s also damn difficult to get a niche ion any IT firm now.

Recently Mr. Mohandas Pai, former CFO and HRM of Infosys commented,

My advice to all the people in colleges: please do M Tech and specialize, and learn coding on your own by taking extra classes, because in future most companies will hire you based on your coding knowledge.

“They are not going to catch you raw and give you training for six months and pay for it. Why should they waste their time? They will test you on your coding skills and if you know very good coding, they will hire you,”

“In future if you want to have a job, you must have M Tech, you must know coding and you must be an expert. You must have some level of expertise,” he said.

Kris Gopalakrishnan also commented that the IT is not in such a bad morass that it can’t rebound

But I happen to know many youngsters (female) that became neurotics and unhealthy persons after serving in the IT for long, partly because of lack of sleep, high level of stress, the junk food they get in the Food Court!

And also male youngsters that had a tough time becoming fathers after they wedded, after having been scorched in the balls by the laptops that they work on almost all the time.

In our next blog I shall take up the issue of martial stress!

And also veer round to suggestions for minimizing and managing it!


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