Not a Christian by birth owing to my birth in a specific Hindu home, yes I am but I do see much real sense in what the Bible tells me to do and not to do! I haven’t been surprised by the fact that it took many generations of monks in dark dingy monasteries across Greece and West Asia a to put down in black and white the story of that revolutionary among revolutionaries named Jesus, who literally made His own death by the worst means a necessity for his contemporaries for the stance he took on many issues linked to daily life.

Christians in my home state believe that the expression “Karthaavu” in Malayalam or Christ in English means “Maker” in a more relevant manner than not. In other words, He makes things happen in your life and takes you away from that mindset which tells you to let things be as they are predetermined and willed from somewhere above!

Imagine a parent giving this counsel to his or her growing kid,

Darling, learn to make things happen rather than believe blindly in Fate. You alone are the architect of your life’s success or failure. No Saturn or Mars or Venus has anything to do with it.”


The most important thing in our lives is NOT to count how much money we are getting but also giving part of it away to those less fortunate than you are! Learn not to be totally self-centered and also to be sympathetic to those around you! Learn to GIVE without expecting any return!



My focus here is related but slightly different from this one, so let me pass on to that. Tell me how many solar systems exist in the universe? ONE? You are wrong my dear!

Hundreds of such systems exist in our galaxy as any astronomer worth his salt shall tell you but then my question was metaphoric! Under a roof there can be a solar system with the parents being the larger planets and the children being the piffling Plutos, far distanced from the jet set lifestyles that the parents prefer to lead!

Girl kids and boy kids can be on separate planets not only in matters related to the quantum of food their parents offer them day in and day out but also in their mutual relationships .Many Indian parents, especially those north of Hyderabad are reported to be looking down at their girl kids as punishments from Heaven and as liabilities worth disposing of at dirt cheap prices—called dowry- to–whoever shall accept them!

Vast distances can be there between Sibling A and Sibling B relationship-wise and transparency-wise too. If there are 5 kids in a family each can prefer to occupy –for the sake of internal homeostasis—different ‘planets’ and later branch out along their own life tracks and wobble along orbits not at all connected in anyway with those of the other siblings.

In course of time each biological sibling in such a family dies all alone, without having had even a kind word from other siblings. Brothers and sisters by birth in the same home but utter absolute and mutually alienated persons of either gender! Would one of them look back and regret the absence of his or her siblings at the fag-end of life?

Oh no! It obviously strains their neck muscles!

Could you imagine a fate worse than this one please?

The Bible, in a warmly sympathetic tone, tells you to look forward and never dwell on the dead past and waste your little time on Earth. So ,after all these years of familiarity with that book’s tips and advice I have also learned to look ONLY forward and never again dwell on my own past at Haripad.

My siblings would matter to me ONLY if they rise to my expectations of mutual affection! I remain cool to switched-on smiles of past acquaintance in some Ultima Thule!

Is one sibling an unreliable person who secretly conspires against your and your well-being as a family?

Learn from Judas Iscariot of how he behaved after getting a bribe of thirty pieces of silver from the Romans (He betrayed the identity of Jesus from among the 12 disciples by kissing him!)  And what transpired in his life later on! (He is believed to have fled to Turkey and roamed without purpose till he died unknown!)

Have your siblings deviated away through temptations and distractions from holy orbits where they could have been happy? No issue. Before they breathe their last they shall discover what they lost thereby!

Are you finding a bit of polarization in your relationship with your kids? Don’t they listen to you any longer? The Bible sagely tells you to stick to God and keep persevering and reaching out to them through affection and love till a weak moment occurs in their distraught lifestyles or when a challenge hits them in the solar plexus!

It teaches you to look up to your Maker and believe in Him coming to your aid at a moment when you sorely need some reliable assistance! It advises you to control your tongue first! It throws at you for illustration dozens of human characters like Job or Jonah who pass through sufferings quite similar to or the very same as you are passing through!

Thru the story of Mary and Martha it tells you to put your faith in ONE leader.

It also tells you that your life is but another Sea of Galilee and that you need not give up your voyage because a storm has struck you. Your maker shall come to your aid to give you timely confidence!

This doesn’t mean that I don’t see many valuable lessons in my own faith’s epics but then who is out there for me to share my conferences with please? I see only a rabid crowd that insists on blind beliefs being rammed down one’s throat willy-nilly!

Bless you all!




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