As Manish Maladkar put it recently in a blog, “Each and every day in your life is a golden opportunity”, a one in a million chance in Time’s flow—to undergo personal resurrection*—and to invest further and further in a forward journey’s strain.

A dawning day lets you molt away yesterday’s anguishes—and yesterday’s skin– behind, to unburden your own self anew and to get rid of your past hurt. It lets you also a chance to love, to be of use to this world at large, to love and play, to look at the smiling sun, and after nightfall to bask as long as you can in the beauty of the starts or in the mystic beauty of the monsoon clouds.

Dance in the rain to express your thanks to God and also thank God for letting you have the experience of doing so!

Never let your faith to keep you a prisoner in a self-made dark cell. Look outside and see the happy world all around you.

Never let your caste elders decide on your behalf in your absence especially on your personal priorities or dreams. Realize, if you haven’t done it this far,  that your life is relentlessly moving on like flotsam in a fast current ,and that your own autumnal years are not as distant as you think.

Save steadily for that rainy day ,when Time shall catch up with your youthful looks and give you crows’ feet at the corners of your eyes, with whatever you can spare and lead a clean simple life without grudges, animosities and prejudices.

Smile at your life and thank your Almighty for having extended to you this one in a million chance!

Think big but also relish the small joys and blessings of life. Happiness in life often comes in coffee spoon quantities and not in flagons!

Use these two magic words to smoothen your way forward—“Thank you” and “Sorry”.

And never forget to give your smile to a person who is too busy to give you a smile!

Do justice to your body when you consume food. Never seek to pamper it but also never seek to punish it without any reason in a masochistic manner in the name of some belief. Both sadism and masochism accompanied the human faiths as they came to practice as short cuts to some imagined Nirvana!

Accept your domestic chores as part of your self-expression and your kitchen chores as a chance to give happiness to others that you like.

( *I know many Christians who view Jesus as a figment of human imagination projected as an embodiment of a principle, and also play Doubting Thomases par excellence when it comes to accepting Jesus’ resurrection as a truth; they mess the activity with the tenets of science. AND I also know non-Christians that have an implicit faith in a loving Godhead rather than a revengeful or inanimate one~!).


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