Hi dears,

I just made a wonderful friend by name Athulya Sumesh, a warm-hearted lady with a pleasant smile!

By profession, she is a bank manager but that is only <1% of her personality I am sure! Her personality traits must have shaped her to become a super manager too I guess!

ALL women come into this world super charged to do great things. THIS is the unvarnished truth and indubitable reality as human history has proven beyond all doubt!(It may shock the menfolk to know that it was the FEMALE human being that slowly underwent evolutionary changes to end up as a MALE, her necessary sex life partner , and a team mate in the reproductive process. This was a necessity because the human being is so multi celled and multi-talented by design that a few trillions of cells are to be created to go into him or her. Asexual reproduction is suited for only smaller creatures like ameba! The Adam and Eve story is but am embroidered tale.

Vide National Geographic Society sponsored Research)

Glass ceilings of every description prevent them from deriving personal and professional fulfillment too. This leads to the inescapable inference that a girl kid is lucky if she gets at least one understanding appreciating parent on her side!

May God bless Ms Athulya Sumesh and her fortunate hubby!

Sadly enough millions of Indian girl kids are not this lucky I daresay!

The implicit irony in this case is that the parent, at the end of many years of shameless cruelty and torture to her own biological daughter,  realizes all too late in his or her life that she has been a cruel mom to what was originally a gem gifted by the Almighty!

Actually my gut feeling in this connection is that the All-loving, all forgiving Creator puts a girl kids into such a domestic and family scenario BECAUSE He wants her to discover her true self through pain and anguish!

Indian parents are mostly ignorant enough to marginalize them, bury them alive in the sand or in the clayey fields behind the house in the backyard, curse them, detract their achievements, run them down and also if possible dispose of them to some bloody fool and thus be done with them.

What I have observed is that in India alone perhaps, academic education and official position–“standing” is the precise expression for this usage–has NOTHING that can be called an effect on a person’s character and daily conduct!

We, in India, have witnessed the worst crooks and the most terrible blackguards among the educated!

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