KSA (Saudi Arabia) has declared a 90 day amnesty for Indians who sneaked into that kingdom and earned money. Indian Missions in that region are busy processing Emergency Certificates for >15000 Indians that applied for it so as to be able to return to India. Applications for EC are being submitted at many places too in this regard according to ET reports.

At least a million violators—KSA views all foreigners as potential nuisance welcomed out of necessity for development and not really as human beings with human rights—are expected to take return flights within a month. Fines, penalties, imprisonments are not unheard-of and mandatory exit fingerprints are common.

This is in line with the generally prevalent thinking across ALL Muslim nations around the Mediterranean Sea, however polished they may look externally. Paranoia of one kind or another has been built into the faith; this is why Muslim mosques, unlike Christian churches, are strictly No-Go places for the members of all other communities except on rare occasions! This also is what drives the typical Muslim to impose burqa on his woman, whether she likes it or not!

KSA, somewhat like President Trump wants US to be,   wishes to be “a nation (?) without violators”

What we, stuck here in India, shall have to do to deal effectively by the Indians that are returning from abroad, mainly from the Arabian Gulf region, is a debatable issue.

Proposals have been mooted to accommodate them or rehabilitate them in some positions too, and also help them start out on enterprises of their own with what they have put by over the years abroad, but how far they will stick to these is uncertain.

Ease of business in our home state is more observed in the breach than thru observance!

MY suggestion in this regard is:

Ask then what they feel confident in and then form small micro enterprises with persons with similar skills and set them free on their own to make money by serving the public in that skill zone!

They may have the funds to tape into.

It’s only an opportunity to be of use to society that they are really clamoring for–not pension from the government.

Never reduce them to being beggars with begging bowls!



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