If you value your life on this planet PLEASE ensure that your family life has 100% transparency! This SOS in public interest comes from someone that has observed and learned from everything he has observed all through his life about HOW infernal human life can be made out to be under a roof in a scenario of total emotional incompatibility!

Media derives considerable glee from reporting on anything and everything that looks or sounds odd to them–e.g. persons dead of unabated hunger for long, kids from broken families, runaway wives, men that made a dram a of their own suicides, or someone that climbed a tree threatening to kill himself unless something is conceded to him–, and naturally they are the lest interested in something looks as expected.

Journalists justify themselves with the excuse that readers are interested ONLY in the negative news or scoops that tickle them below the belt!.

Family life that is transparent has, as you expect, zero news value as such.

But ought such a transparent openly communicative and mutually and reciprocally helpful lifestyle be your ideal as a family man or as a home maker please?

I know men that maintain ‘stepney’ wives away from their homes without their legitimate partners’ knowledge and women that hasten to the phone to invite their gigolos the moment their hubbies have left for office.

Some men and women watch porn secretly. Some women urge their hubbies to go on tours and some men wish their wives dead too as a result! Some others bask in a ‘second life’ world with an online sex chat partner.

I also know of kids that conspire in secret against their own parents and who put up a show at the breakfast or dinner table!

In the course of my life this far, I also have chanced across many couples that started out their farcical wedded existence as partners that hated each other.

I also know a man whose wife told him “I Hate you most of all”   after having been a nasty iniquitous wife to him for over 30 years and in a huff added, ”I acceded to my parental pressure, that’s all!” It’s the men primarily that inhabit Hell in all such loveless alliances but once their kids are far away these men tend to totally ignore their women too!

Such men and women are a liability to this Mother Earth.

Or wives that refused to display the least interest in the professional advancement of their hubbies and kept almost everything secret from the men as well!

A Rule of Thumb in this connection is:

“Couples that point fingers at each other and erupt into mutual recriminations die alone because their growing kids refuse to emulate them and learn to refuse their participation in their own lives. They escape from such ‘Silo’ Homes!”

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