I SALUTE Major Leetul Gogoi, belonging to 53 Rashtriya Rifles, primarily for his admirable presence of mind  actually, whatever else it may be labeled as by the army brass!

His nonpareil contribution towards the counter insurgency operations going on in full swing in that northern part of India stands duly acknowledged!”He saved lives under exceptional circumstances” declared the Union I&B Minister, and significantly enough added, ”The Indian Army appreciates him. He wanted to save the lives of the Indian citizens including officers who were on election duty”

That he has been awarded the Army Chief’s Commendation Card is of course recognition of his unique mental presence, which saved a lot of Indian soldiers from being mercilessly stone pelted by brainwashed miscreants from among the misguided Kashmir populace.

Major Gogoi, for your informational update, has made a long journey in his career. The son of a humble production hand from Assam rust belt, he hails from East Assam in reality. His home town Namrup, situated amid thick forests in the Patkal hills, and also notorious erstwhile for its insurgency movements under varied names, is about 80 kilometres from Dibrugarh city. Dharmeswar Gogoi, his dad served in production unit of the Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corporation till he got retired. He graduated from the Indian Military Academy after having entered the Army as a stripling of 18!

Now let’s analyze the principle that he adopted in shooing off the pestering and heckling stone pelting youth of the Valley: to cut a diamond with another diamond! In his down to earth pragmatic mind, this alone would dissuade the youth from pelting stones at the soldiers under his command!

The elements that support,  incite and also fund the Valley’s unsuspecting youth hailing mostly from broken, mentally fractured as well as internally imbalanced Muslim households to pelt stones at the Indian Army troops are from right across the border, as you and I know only too well today.

Pakistan had begun on this route of adopting various contemptible tricks to snatch Kashmir from the Indian Union way back in 1947 with pumping thousands of barbarians from border regions and also vandal elements into the valley under cover of night and hounding out the Kashmir Hindu pundits from there. They did this in order to convince the United Nations of their right to Kashmir because its populace was Muslim dominated. The UN suggestion for a Plebiscite was refused by Indian union however because New Delhi knew of Pakistan’s base tricks.

Since then Pakistan has been giving India no peace in this matter. It’s in their habitual style to mutilate the bodies of the Indian soldiers they kill by hook or by crook and this has never allowed Indo-Pak diplomatic relations to be friendly at all. Our present day PM gave full freedom to the Indian Army to deal with these elements from across the border , trying to infiltrate into this country by night so as to mingle with local Kashmiri people and kill civilians and the military troops.

After 2014, most Indian media houses have exposed that nation too as being the hidden culprit in this activity. The global media have also taken due note of this. No one really has approved of it too.

National Conference (NC) party members, however, clandestinely sympathizes with such stone-pelting youth. They voice this sympathy by way of faultfinding the Union Government and ministry.

(As a result of such insensible spending on irrelevant issues outside their nation, Pakistan is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy too. To add insult to injury, President Trump has curtailed US aid to that country from USD 250 million to just USD 100 million, the amount being not really an aid but a 5 year loan!).

He tied a Kashmiri local to the bumper of his Army jeep and drove ahead of a convoy carrying many soldiers. This local was used as a human shield against the local stone-pelters for they wouldn’t wish to harm him, whom they knew, and who also knew them, whereas the Indian Army, in the eyes of the miscreants, consisted of strangers from elsewhere.

Excellent! The road became quiet, and all noises of protest died down instantly!

No youth dared lift his hand to pelt even a single stone and all Indian soldiers could travel in safety!

All counter insurgency operations need excellent presence of mind. Gogoi found himself gifted with an excess of the same!

I suggest that the Indian Army resort to this masterly strategy in all future logistics scenarios. It reminds me of the Saama-Daana-Bheda-Danda “graded diplomacy” approach that Lord Krishna adopted towards the recalcitrant, self-centered and argumentative Kauravas!

My best wishes to the Indian Army!

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