Modern man, as far as we have been able to analyze him as a living animal, is a violent animal by all criteria known this far! He loves to do acts of violence, watch violence on screens, hear about violent acts and even privately gloats over acts of violence.

Such a report as “Michelangelo was struck in the face with a mallet by Torregiano, an envious rival, disfiguring him for life” actually delights our innards though we may put on a look (as expected by others) of sadness and sympathy! And that small Syrian refugee boy drowned in the Mediterranean and brought back to a lonely beach-how many among us still care to recall his fate please?

And paradoxically enough he has cultivated a defense mechanism of sorts to many minor acts of violence he does to himself to his dear ones or to others.

Both masochism and sadism are realities in this world of ours. IS delighted in beheading unsuspecting Westerners kidnapped on the sly. Daniel Pearl and many Indian soldiers got their heads wrenched away in religious delusion. During the Third Reich days of horror SS Nazi men delighted in shooting babies through their heads downwards! Dr Mengel, the Doctor of Death, felt happy to bathe Jewish prisoners at concentration camps with strong sulfuric acid!

Masochism is popular across all faiths.

Maidens undergo fasts –and thus punish their bodies- in their search for good hubbies. Lent and Ramadan involve day time fasting. Hindus have their Sabarimala temple deep in the forest to undertake a pilgrimage towards! Christians have their Lent while the Muslims observe Ramadan with religious fervor. Many devotees climb impossibly high hills too to worship.

Across the world there can be observed a host of festivals marked by many cruel acts devotees do to themselves in their consciously whipped-up hysteric religious passion. Here in Kerala the Bharani at Kodungalloor temple is a classic instance. In Nepal more than 10000 buffaloes get mindlessly slaughtered on a festival day and their meat is never consumed.

Sadism –the perversion involving the causing of pain to others—also flourishes.

Both animal and human sacrifices exist in countries though they may get scarcely reported in the public mass media. In Reddiarpuram and its vicinity in Tamil Nadu aged parents are deliberately murdered in a ritual manner for economic reasons mostly.

For fear of having to shell out dowry later, girl kids are disposed of with raw paddy rammed down their throats in many villages around Madurai-including Ushilampatti, Ramnad, Andipatti and Kambam!.

Even the largely North Indian practice of performing honor killing of one’s own kids is an exercise in sadism for a wrong and unrighteous cause! Sati involved the flinging of a widowed woman on to the pyre of her dead hubby so that they could reside in Paradise together as consorts!

All these are exercises in sadism.

We delight in seeing blood sport on films too.

Our many conscious and unconscious acts of violence shall comprise another Iliad. Violent acts done on purpose and with full consciousness get reported or known thru print or AV media but those done without thinking don’t.

Any kind of hospitalization or ingestion of chemicals is a violent act against one’s body. Eating without thinking (Mindless Consumption) is also a violence you do to yourself. Taking up even a piece of the deep fried food item offered to you at a friend’s home—viz. chips, crackers or baked goods– is another act of violence since the food contains trans fats which your body never argued for at any time! Registering for the marathon without adequate preparation and many months of training on balanced diets is also an act of violence against your own life force.

Your body has never taken to being pierced in any part in a kind manner at all; it views piercing as a violent act whichever hackneyed and stereotypical justifications human cults and creeds may come up with! Under cover of religious faith—in India even perversions can parade as acceptable cults—government land is snatched by some religious breakaway groups though it is most illegal and may invite prosecution! Medieval Christianity violated human rights when they incarcerated Galileo for his heliocentric beliefs and tortured the Latin American tribes for forcing their faith upon the natives. You must have heard of both Torquemada and his infamous Star Chamber with many instruments of torture.

Still, despite this we Indians (even doctors that are fully in the know of the risk involved) love to get our girl kids’ ears pierced.

How do you explain this?


ANY kind of piercing holds the nuisance potential to cause formation of hypertrophic scars thru production and deposition of excess collagen! Or granulomas, they being reaction from the body’s inherent immunity system when it can’t eliminate a substance it perceives as alien!

Tongue piercing (for wearing a jewelry item) can cause difficulty in food intake and also lead to accidental swallowing of the jewelry. Belly piercings—for the same imposed reason– can invite an infection for you! Pierced nipples almost always trigger a mastitis infection. Genital piercing or mutilation (“female circumcision”) can make urination difficult and sex painful.

”But then ear piercing can’t be violent” you insist. No, it is!

Across India we see women having both their earlobes and ear cartilages pieced. While the former is soft tissue and easily healed the latter can cause an abscess. Inner nose holds bacteria and they cause infection in cases of nose piercings.

Convinced now that you have let your self be violent in some way? Let’s go on!

Take tattooing for a change! It was a convention prevalent ONLY among ancient warrior tribes in India and abroad—and not among commoners– to get their bodies tattooed in various ways.

Blood borne allergies or allergic contact dermatitis (in reaction to certain metallic compounds present in the ink)   can develop as a consequence of tattooing.

You claim there no violence at all on our roads? Oh, dear, you stand sorely mistaken. In 2015 alone there were >1.3 million road fatalities across the world and of these 1, 46, 133 persons died in India.

Another 5, 00, 279 were grievously injured. Vulnerable users of the roads such as the aged and the kids are victims in particular, partly for the reason that we in India have not provided side lanes for non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles!!

I am far from suggesting that road accidents are all deliberately caused, but then these are acts of violence happening on our roads and still we take them in our stride, don’t we?

That alone corroborates my point!


Well that proves you to be human and not a robot!

Next in line shall be my review of Jean –Luc Godard’s remarkable horrifying film!

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