One mighty habit that social media in general taught me is the habit of reaching out to others across gender and caste and faith.

Many households,where the stiff-necked and probably stiffl-lipped parents are generally formal and quiet,  view chatty conversation among themselves or with kids as infra dig with the result that the kids born in them take over 30 months to start uttering vernacular sounds!

Lack of oral –repeat ORAL-AURAL- communication between the partners plays the villain in many marital alliances also.”I love you” ,if spoken over phone in a warm voice , does wonders –far more than an email communication ever can!

It’s an open fact that a successful class session in any language in general and foreign tongues in particular is NOT silent but slightly noisy with many learners participating in communication as asked. It also may resound with collective laughter at times.

We had a PM that delighted in keeping mum and at a distance from the people he was the PM of!

Naturally India rejected that man–along with his whole stupid political caboodle party!!

ALL children love listening to –and participating in–human conversation and chat sessions among adults.They may not understand it fully but that doesnt matter at all.Listening to sounds and responding to them appropriately is what you and I arrive here on this planet fully pre programmed for!

Our Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas–just above your left ear!– become active immediately after our birth.AND a kid , if exposed to 6 disconnected languages at home from adults from varied continents, CAN communicate in all the six tongues without any grammar error at the age of 6!

THAT formidable is our language centre!(And the 3-hour long death process in a natural death starts with your tongue curling back upon itself over the throat,unable to move about for all time to come too!)

A happy family is excited to communicate 24/7 about practically everything they are interested in– recipes, hobbies, careers, fast family friends, well-wishing kith and kin, lifestyles and so on.

A house where an incompatible couple drags on with their alienated lives is SILENT–like the interior burial chamber of a pyramid in Egypt!




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