The PM has recently exhorted our people to encourage and promote cultural exchanges to better assimilate the spirit of national integration in India!

This poses a real challenge because 99% of us are mentally still colonized—and most of us carry silly notions about our own selves, our home communities or families and of course of our previous lifetimes!

The proxy and ersatz ID we give ourselves—Hindu Iyengar, Namboothiri, Protestant Christian, Sunni Muslim, Tribal person etc. — is closely linked to these! Consequently we lose out on having a national identity as “Indian”

Keeping our minds clean and open at all times–100% decolonized that is– is really strenuous once you start thinking of it.

But that is one way to be a better human being! Artificial mantles put upon you by others to keep you within the fold –and artificial inter faith barriers–have actually little meaning when it…

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