India is –like many developing nations not only in South Asia but also in West Asia, — bedeviled by millions following a lifestyle marked by blind faith in some activity as essentially salutary, or in consumption of certain food items as nutritious. Cleaning up the mess is a top priority for the present Union ministry according to Piyush Goyal (MoS with independent charge for Power), and this is one more issue waiting to get resolved!

One of the stumbling blocks India has to learn to climb over is the mindset of her long colonized-people and especially the fossilized notions to which many millions hold fast for their dear lives till thankfully they die off!


Look around your own self and you find blind faith playing havoc with lives.

Blind faith in a local ever smiling moneylender can lead to losing one’s own house and property. Blind faith in a much touted bank can tempt you to get into traps. Blind faith in God can give you the idea or notion that you can make a deal with Him. (No God makes any deal with anyone!).Indians had blind faith in a subsidy culture for over 60 years but now they know far better after seeing even the price of kerosene rise by Rs 4/liter or Rs 21 per LPG gas cylinder! In UP the prevailing belief was that literacy was secondary to sneaking into high paid positions but now ,thanks to their new CM, they know that academic year must not have too many holidays!

The Congress-led ministries, one after another, held close to their chest the notion that it was enough to sign MoUs with individual States here on projects and initiatives but now the Modi ministry has revealed that a follow up on all projects launched is a must but that it was never done during the previous years!

Many stand totally convinced of the existence of a spirit as distinguished from the external body and the inclinations of the same in a context. Most black magic men believe that sucking on a dead cock’s blood is one way to exorcise a ghost, and brewing a cauldron bubbling as it boils with all kinds of smelly and dirty items is pleasing to the Evil One.

BFs Originate from Hearsay!

It’s NOT ground realities or facts but instead canards, rumors and stray opinions that often lead us astray into blind cul de sac scenarios in life. Facts can be misquoted, adulterated, laced with fiction, exaggerated, made insignificant and even purposely polluted with Goebbelsian intent. This product is what leads people—even educated men and women– astray into irrational corners with no way to escape.

[“Opinions, “ says John Kay, “seem to be based more and more on what team you belong to and less and less on YOUR assessment of facts. A good economist must not do this according to him. John Maynard Keynes once, according to Paul Samuelson the Nobel laureate, observed, “When my information changes I alter my conclusions”. But over the years this has been garbled into entirely something else—as that he asked a diehard puritan economist why he never adapted himself to changing situations. ”When the facts change, I change too. What do you do sir?” he said].

Blind beliefs can sabotage a whole swathe of issues in life-including food consumption! Do learn to replace it with taking calculated risks when it comes to investments, enhancing self-confidence when it comes to your religious belief/s, acquiring new skills when it comes to getting more interview calls and so on!


Many oldsters among my relatives glibly quote Bhagavad Gita but its key tip—Karmanyevaadhikaara sthu Naa bhaleshu kadaachana! (Your Action done with commitment is enough.Reward is secondary!)-  and “Klaibyam maa sma gama Paardha!” (Don’t end up like a crippled duck! Do your deed zestfully”) escape them!

This notion that one is not capable of achieving heights is also a blind notion and nothing better!

A blind devotee of technology?

Are you either a Geek or a Nerd, glued to using a PC almost all the time and having a passion only for doing some task with its aid? If so, please read on!

Over dependence on technology—an addictive habit of many people like an addiction to moneymaking! – is probably caused by the conviction that one can access almost everything though it but this is not so. I know dozens of persons enslaved by products launched thanks to technology—food processor, smartphone, tab, smart watch, fitness trackers etc. That they remain jealously attached to these makes their life partners furious, to say the least!

Actually if you are a nerd it’s highly probable that you are a lone wolf, a social recluse and a failed householder and hubby too. The etiology here is simple: women are basically emotional beings and they can’t tune into someone that is infatuated with technology alone!

Human relationships –the kind of friendship’s you maintained, the number of your fast friends and acquaintances etc.–are what really count for anything at all when you are gone.

Opponents of technological advance also persist in huge numbers in almost all nations.

All across rural India we have men and women cleaving the air with their right hands in a spirit of rebellion against the erection of cell phone towers in their vicinity. They allege that they shall be sitting ducks for cancer and all kinds of unimaginably painful illnesses if the towers get erected and radiation is allowed to be sent out day and night by the same.

The COAI (Cellular Operators Association of India) has repeatedly attempted to detoxify them of their rooted notion in this regard too, but to no avail this far.

This is one more instance of the harm that blind faith or notion can do. In reality the EMF from electromagnetic radiation from towers is too small and too insignificant to be detected by the human body. More than 25000 write ups and research findings  from around the world till date  over the past 30 years brought out by WHO corroborate my stance too; nay one of them says categorically as follows, ”Current evidence doesn’t not confirm the existence of any health consequence from exposure to low level electromagnetic fields”.

Of course no point is served by blindly opposing science and technology but we can if we wish easily manage their influx into our lives. Look around and you can see thousands of products —smartphone, PC, medical instruments, manufacture, robotic engineering—made possible only through research and manufacture in technology. It has literally both redeemed many lives from the last gasp as in the case of terminal illnesses and also given new life to those that hadn’t had any –like childless impotent couples.

It’s obvious that you can’t go back to 3000BC lifestyle-wise. So better try to keep technology your handmaiden for actual use only when needed.

A Blindly following your Guru?

Blind belief in a human being as a deity of sorts descended from paradise can also fool you no end. Take a country wide survey of our human deities and you are sure to be overwhelmed. Most are unkempt with long beards and mustachios but even then they get huge expectant crowd at most locations and never get proved or questioned.

I can’t say how much these fake deities have been contributing towards the resolution of social evils and illiteracy but thousands of weak souls, no matter how much educated they happen to be, crowd around the leader and do all kinds of antics as he tells them, parting with their earnings and donning odd clothes and calling themselves by strange names too!

NO one likes, in India, to ask a guru WHY he or she engages in lecturing for hours on end on extra mundane and unverifiable issues. The moment he is told that the guru also has to eat something to be alive and an income to support him, his charm is gone.

Many of us, owing to some fear of death in our hearts love to believe that we have immortal souls also somewhere inside us.(Recently in this city a youth slaughtered his own parents and siblings in order to see the soul rise from the body in what he called astral projection!).The reality is that no one has any soul in him or her but life force owing to many reactions occurring between chemicals and biological entities.


Recently the PM asked Indian doctors to prescribe as many generic drugs as they can in lieu of branded medical formulations but then the real reason that drove doctors to prefer prescribing branded medicines was not only personal greed but also a blind belief that these drug molecules won’t fail.

I recently told you that India is perhaps not having racism here as it exists in other nations, especially after Mr. Trump came to power in US, but the exaggerated obsession our women especially have for fairness creams gives us away as a people with a decided tendency for racism. The recent attack on Africans and the molestation meted out to men/women from NE also strip us of our cultivated hypocrisy! We Indians love to deny many injustices but it doesn’t really help us keep up our masks! (Most of us have a blind faith in fairness as equivalent to goodness in some mysterious manner though it’s entirely baseless!!) As TJS George has put it in NIE, ”No other Asian country is home to such color based prejudices as we are. See the matrimonial ads on a Sunday!” Mr. George suggests we get more information from Rig Veda where it’s mentioned that “other survivors of earlier societies were reduced to what came to be known as the fourth varna of Aryan society”.

In many ways thus, the North has been North and the South has been South but now it’s melding time and we need to go collectively –North and South shoulder to shoulder–far ahead to catch up with the modern world! Blind belief in a version of Aryanism can’t help any longer!

Have a good Day!


(To be continued)

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