I find that many of my contemporaries  are practically glued to FB all thru the day, whereas I have found it to be not only cloyingly saccharine at times but also abused as a convenient unpaid platform or podium for many to promote their own bees in bonnets–politics, faith as delinked from its religious mantle, chit-chat and so on.

Well I concede this liberty to my friends too  despite being fully aware of how FB CAN be used to bring about salutary social changes in our thinking, much desired modifications in our day to day responses to events or developments and even conventions!

This is because we in India have so long been deprived of this basic right to reach out to one another across our artificial barriers!

AND we were for millennia a frightened people too–frightened of failure, frightened of poverty, frightened of “others” from “other” communities or faiths(read…

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