These are sweltering and smoldering days when we can’t even get dreamless sleep owing to the atmospheric temperature. Turning and tossing on our mattresses, we often sink without being aware of it into nightmarish thoughts anxieties and fears too.

And the invariable thought about the Universities where we had studied visits us.

The 2017 rankings of Indian universities reveal far more than they conceal.

Among the 100 top colleges we have 20 from Delhi region, 37 from Tamil Nadu, 14 from Kerala and 11 from AP.

A total of 82.

What about the other 18?

All the remaining states–a behemoth 25 of them- share these few and far between colleges–or colleges in name! Almost 70% of India has such colleges only.

Why they got opened at all is a mystery though some are out and out business enterprises and nothing better, ensuring a steady annual…

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