Hi dear ones!

I do wish you would spare a moment’s thought about the humble salt, made famous by none other than Mahatma Gandhi himself through his Dandi March.{Britain squirrelled away more than 75 billions from our nation through import of salt from England!)

I say so simply because salt keeps you—and millions of others globally– addicted to it thru your taste buds alone! Take away its taste and only a microscopic minority of humans shall bother to down it in any form. It’s a must in almost all condiments, snacks and curries in India too, and we simply can’t replace it with vinegar in all contexts.

And it adds to our disease burden in a shameless manner!

Reports about medical issues can be literally both confusing and confounding in that they can be mutually contradictory or reciprocally irreconcilable. Of course I am speaking of modern medicine here (“Modern” itself sounds like an arrogated epithet since nothing that really helps you stave off illness can be antique or old fashioned!).Health-oriented as well as ageing-resistant psychologically and habitually as yours truly happens to be, I have also been at a loss to make sense out of many such research findings emanating from universities or health institutions abroad.

In a recent all India survey on our countrywide susceptibility to morbidity it was revealed that kidney disease, including CKD, topped the list much above HTN and DM 1 and 2. And common salt, which India produces in a few million tons annually, has proven to be a villain of this illness.

And once you fall a victim to kidney disease of any kind, it will affect your lifestyle adversely in a radical way and keep you as a relative handicapped person till you get lucky enough to be offered a kidney from a brain-dead human being! Once your kidneys have been smitten, all other killer diseases can enter your body day after day. The Black Angel has three or more fingers firmly over your life force!

A ToI report says that one third of all Indians in the country today are too salt-driven in their lifestyle and hence sitting ducks of sorts for kidney disease!!

Black and rock salts, which India’s herbal medicine often makes use of,  are not that much better too in this aspect. They tell me that we Indians have our arterial walls a tad thinner than those the Caucasians have, and for that reason experience more severe strokes and heart disease but I have never lent any credence to this baloney!]

Please spare a full Sunday to watch the infomercials and advertisements appearing on the screens of our idiot boxes at home and you are going to get shocked by the number of salty condiments that they display to tempt our youth.[Sugar, the so called “white poison” is no better of course as far advertisements do but then if your daily consumption of sugar-incluided items doesn’t exceed 12 grams, it is OK apparently, whereas you can take only 1.5 grams of salt a day if you wish to save your kidneys!]

Reports tell me that natural spices must be preferred over canned ones precisely owing to the salt content in the latter; the same thing must help us keep our hands away from all those snacks that tempt us for superior taste—roasted peanuts, salted snacks, pasta, ketchup, hotel lunch, frozen poultry, packaged butter, fish gravy, raisin bran, vegetable juice, packaged beef/pork/mutton, soups, sauces and so many more.

Acknowledge the vicious hold common salt has always maintained on us as far as our food choices go! Both serving sizes and food labels matter but isn’t it true that most of us don’t care much for these?

Here is www.news18.com,   seeking to edify you about this issue:

“One in three or 33 per cent of Indians over 30 years of age are suffering from one or more lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, thyroid and cancer, a report has revealed.

GOQii — a California-based virtual fitness coaching platform — in its ‘GOQii India Fit’ 2017 report showed that nearly 9.4 per cent people are suffering from high cholesterol followed by 7.7 per cent suffering from diabetes and 6.76 per cent suffering from thyroid.

“Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of chronic diseases due to the disruptive lifestyle changes in the country. Lack of exercise, erratic eating habits, increase in stress levels and poor sleep patterns are just some of the key reasons behind the increase of this epidemic,” Vishal Gondal, CEO and Founder of GOQii said in a statement on Thursday.

While men were found to be victims of diabetes, cholesterol and cardiac related problems, women were found to have issues related to low BP and thyroid.

Further, an average Indian was found to sleep for 6.72 hours every day which is less than a healthy average of 7-9 hours daily.

Lack of proper sleep is a grave concern for 31.3 per cent population. This coupled with the lack of exercise and increase in stress is adding to the cause of falling health levels of Indians, the report said.”

The write up is from Shifa Khan,@ http://www.news18.com

www.webmd.com adds to this with the following information: (The report was based on a survey of over one lakh individuals across the country)

“Most of us get more than we need. Recommendations from the American Heart Association and the U.S. government range from 1,500 to 2,300 milligrams of sodium a day. If you want to cut back, you need to do more than ease up on the shaker on your table. Watch what you eat. You may be shocked by some of the foods that are high in salt.” (www.webmd.com)

If common salt has you firmly within its vicious taste grip, super market managements are fighting on all fronts to retain their customers. If most parents tend to lose out in retaining their own children from leaving their homes after a while, most kirana store managers also are thinking about having their regular customers glued to them.

Recently a big private bank in this country (Clue: Five English letters in its name!) tried to cheat me with their low quality insurance ware in the guise of Mutual Funds, and I had to give them a piece of my mind as a result. They couldn’t retain me as their customer simply because I soon found out what game they were playing behind their bland faces!

Banks have much con mastery up their sleeves and so I often think that their present day NPA load is God’s answer to them for being so abominably self- centered and for being so habitually ill wishing to the people of this country. Three cheers to Vijay Mallya and his disciples in this connection! Ha-ha!

The Future Group, spearheaded by Biyani, is planning to set up about 10,000 loyalty driven convenience stores across the nation to keep its regular customers from leaving its fold. Here one can get heavier discounts than those one gets at regular brick and mortar stores like D Mart or even online rivals like Amazon or Flipkart, according to reports.

Payback for loyalty is not that new an idea of course but Big Bazaar seems to be a pioneer in this organized retailing realm here in India to take the initiative!

Loyalty to salt it is that makes many of us really ill later on in life. I recall being told in my boyhood by elders to have some extra salt for taste along with my food, and this extra salt used to be a regular item at wedding feasts too. But now it has mysteriously vanished from all meals served at hotels here in India after its bad consequences have been proven!!

So, while wishing you a happy Sunday let me also warn you against going all out for fervent nudging and ardently stroking your salt shaker!


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