Let me begin with some statistics, so graciously posted by Mamita Mamita, Doha, Qatar, and which will come in handy to know of our strengths as an Indian State small in size!

Want to know some facts of K E R A L A   ??????

The first beggar-free city in India.

India’s first ‘Digital State’ -2015

The first state to have 100% banking inclusion – 2007

First school for girls (1859) unprecedented in the Indian subcontinent

The oldest mosque in India is 629 AD (7th oldest in the world)

The most ancient church in India (52 AD). Christianity has been in Kerala longer than it has been in Europe.

The oldest synagogue in India

(The oldest active synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations)

The first state in India to reach 100% literacy rate.

The first state in India to receive rain from the Southwest monsoon 🙂

UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) designated Kerala the world’s first “baby-friendly state”

Listed in world top 5 family destinations by Lonely Planet repeatedly (in 2016 as well)

UN awarded Kerala for its global leadership in creating innovative initiatives for sustainable tourism, (the first time India has ever won the recognition)

A Nat Geo Pick-of-the Lot—“One of the Ten Paradises of the world’ among ’50 of the world’s top places to see!

Highest Human Development Index

The highest literacy rate

The highest life expectancy (77yrs)

The highest sex ratio (F more the M)

The highest media exposure (99%)

Highest % of elders (12.6 %)

Cleanest city 2016 -Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) on the basis solid municipal waste management

Highest per capita liquor consumption

Highest gold buyers (20 % India yearly)

The highest mobile penetration

Highest road density in India (5,268.69 km per 1,000 sq. km

Highest home ownership (87.5 %)

The highest rural per capita consumption per month

Highest Remittances -40% of India

Rs 1 lakh crore ($14.9 billion) in the third quarter of 2015-16.

Highest hospitals beds 330 beds per 100000

Kerala with only 2.76 per cent of Indian population, utilizes nearly 15 per cent of the consumer durables in India

The leading destination for luxury cars (13 % sales of premium cars.)

BSNL-Kerala is the highest profit making circle in the country

Ranks second as state with least poverty (Goa is 1st) .7% while national average is 21.92%.

Lowest maternal mortality rate.

Lowest Infant mortality rate (12 per 1,000) India stands at 44!

Lowest Hunger index -17.66 (India is 23.31.)

The lowest population growth rate.

The least corrupted state.

All the 11 public services are ranked the least corrupt in the country.

25% of India’s 15,000 plant species are in Kerala.

Supplies 60% of world’s white coir fiber.

The world’s oldest teak plantation.

Has the oldest existing martial art form, Kalaripayattu, dates back more than 2000 years.

Has the oldest library.

Kerala is the only state in India with palliative care policy (Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problem associated with life-threatening illness)

Kerala has only 3% of India’s population but it provides two-thirds of India’s palliative care services.

This level of learning by non-Brahmin learning was not seen in other parts of India.

Three gold loan companies in Kerala have more precious metal in their vaults than the gold reserves of Singapore, Sweden or Australia.

World’s Largest and Tallest Teak trees are in Kerala.

Worlds Only Teak Museum is in Nilambur, Kerala.

The only drive in Beach in India is Muzhuppilangadi, Kannur, North Kerala

Kerala is also the first ‘Open Defecation-free State’ in the country.

Now, if Modi was there, he would claim he has done this.

Luckily it is the people themselves and not the politicians that bring changes!” (From FB)


Inference: How can we EVER fail please?

AND YET our home State is a relative failure in many ways (E.g. Law and order issues, crimes against women etc.)

How come?

Let’s rewind the tape and go back to our industrial landscape to see what is wrong!

Factor One:

HRM GOOFS as a cue for failure!

John, an engineering final year student, has a brainwave about being the boss at an enterprise of his own somewhere and for going the entrepreneurial route. He discusses this with his close friends and trustworthy class mates. He starts a firm on the day of his graduation along with 3 of his friends a partners. The firm has a good demand for the technical services it offers the public and so it’s all roses, roses all the way till almost a year is over.

Fine! But then what happens?

John, a product from his parental home, is still very much of a green horn in the corporate world and has his own version of paranoia about others, including his friends at times.

One of them is the person that recruits a couple of employees at his form and he starts thinking of vested interests behind their being picked. When the first balance sheet of the firm reaches the office a furious argument about the absence of a visible profit shocks John (who has expected the firm to be a money multiplier in the first year itself!)

He dismisses one of the employees on his own as CEO alleging incompetence, which results in another difference of opinion.

There are many other factors behind the failure of an enterprise w, which we shall take up for analysis tomorrow!


At least, to my understanding, 5 Indian States have been in a forced hibernation for decades now. These are J and K (due to a host of reasons including needless nose poking by our neighbor and many reptile Islam-based outfits), Bihar (Gangster behavior as a way of life), UP (Illiteracy and Laughable notions), Rajasthan (Addiction to 1947 plus irresponsibility at the top) and WB (The Storm Petrel Syndrome plus organized corruption).

It depends primarily on the ministry in power to take the progressive step in the prevailing democratic administrative system in this country! If the ministers are utter fools and rascals, the people suffer without being aware that they are suffering.

The few dissidents can be quickly neutralized through elimination so the miasmal ambiance within the State borders continues unabated with the ruling ministries playing ducks and drakes with people‘s money till the next election or till Article 356 is applies to forcibly neck them out!

The scenario changes only when a new CM—forget his party! — With a very different view takes over charge.

Like in UP today!

UP had a forced sleep for over 50 years post Nehru!

Both Amethi and Rae Bareli, which were adopted by the Nehru clan as habitual constituencies, suffered utter unspeakable neglect despite grandiose announcements of new initiatives by New Delhi and Congress guns.

Illiteracy and ignorance were so widespread that an abominable dynastic CM ruined the largest and the most politically strong State almost beyond redemption along with his goons for five long years. Street gangs mo0lested the women folk. Whole villages starved. No one cared.

LO! What has happened now for a change?

Uttar Pradesh (=Northern State), in an effort to become Uttam Pradesh (=Best State) has been jolted into full alertness from the day after a new CM assumed power.

IIT Kanpur—Kanpur is in UP for your information—has launched INVENT (Innovative Ventures and Technologies for Development)-a fund that incubates startups in social ventures—in collaboration with TDB(Technology Development Board) and the DFID(Department of International Development, Government of the UK.

The corpus of this fund is INR 7.5 crores and it will incubate 40 social ventures that operate for profit in the social enterprise space! One such recent start up is Decentrik Technologies by funding INR 50 lakh, the upper limit of the fund per unit. (ET News Report)



It’s time all Indian states, both those straggling and those supposedly ahead, do a SWOT analysis of themselves and get self-cleansed at the earliest.

We Indians in South Asia, have a long road to go and a large distance to traverse! And we are sore pressed for time!





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