Let me begin with some statistics, so graciously posted by Mamita Mamita, Doha, Qatar, and which will come in handy to know of our strengths as an Indian State small in size!

Want to know some facts of K E R A L A   ??????

The first beggar-free city in India.

India’s first ‘Digital State’ -2015

The first state to have 100% banking inclusion – 2007

First school for girls (1859) unprecedented in the Indian subcontinent

The oldest mosque in India is 629 AD (7th oldest in the world)

The most ancient church in India (52 AD). Christianity has been in Kerala longer than it has been in Europe.

The oldest synagogue in India

(The oldest active synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations)

The first state in India to reach 100% literacy rate.

The first state in India to receive rain from the Southwest monsoon…

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