Hearty Good Morning to all of you!

There is an expression called the “Blue Ocean Moment” in English; it stands for that moment when you can see a smooth meteoric rise in your business activity to unforeseen heights.

E Commerce in India started about two decades back sometime in the 1990’s if I recall right!

But then, because it addressed a sorely felt need of the Indian customers and consumers no matter the locational distance, it grew and grew like Jack’s beanstalks till it is today a hot formidable rival to off line hypermarkets.

Except for a few unfortunates among the lot (I understand that Snapdeal is having some issue), almost all e-commerce firms are at their Blue Ocean Moment today! One illustration for this is that you and I think FIRST of some e commerce firm when we wish to buy something of good quality!

You name it, they have it–or they will fetch it from the Antipodes! —and they ensure the item you ordered reaches you in record time too!

Lightning processing of purchase orders, facility for online payment, smooth supply chains, electrically fast transportation!

Did you know that Amazon— I mean–has on offer about 1.9 million products at any time? It maintains over 9000 retail sellers on its list all the time.

The Economic Times informs me that Amazon is planning to get your fresh veggies and grocery for you day after day once they get the licenses!

And Mr. Srivastava, the head of Amazon Fresh, openly says,

“We will maintain the entire supply chain directly and right sourcing will be the key. Such value was not possible to be delivered had the government NOT liberalized the FDI policy. Amazon Fresh intends to source fresh produce and staples directly from the farmers as part of this initiative!

Amazon is already doing this business in US.UK and Europe! In India it’s doing this only in Mumbai Delhi Hyderabad and Bengaluru through its arm Amazon Now!

Flipkart can’t be far behind this number, which implies that the e-commerce giants have literally scoured the whole of India to look for saleable items!

Hookahs from Quilandy in North Kerala, brassware from Moradabad in UP, Bharathanatyam jewelry from TN, decorative spears from Naga tribal region, Mooga Silk saris from Manipur—well, they are willing to get the same to you within the week!

Off line retailers have a great lesson to learn from this–that they can’t have it all their way any longer.


[YOU also can strive to attain a Blue Ocean Moment pace of growth as a person—as a professional doctor, surgeon, teacher, artist or dancer for instance– if you have fire enough raging within yourself!]

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