Both YIN and YANG can help us unravel the Gordian knot that is Indian politics today—and they can also help us get an inside out view of many human relationships including foredoomed marital alliances. They can be of use in our understanding of how we must run our family systems and social conventions too!

It can also be helpful to understand what is lacking in own faith, other faiths, international gangs and bodies.

For instance, Islam goes by YANG-all action- and little YIN. Christianity does have YANG but in a subdued way with YIM predominating. Hindu faith is mostly YIN and have virtually no YANG as such in it. In fact Hindu India became a colony simply because of too much YIN in her people!

Britain failed as a colonizer also because of imbalance between YANG and YIN. Too much YANG can upset the apple cart of human relationships-and all natives rebelled against the British!

It’s a truism to state that ALL humans ,once become parents, are in a rage to marry off their kids come hell or high water, no matter the physiological or psychological drawbacks of the kids themselves.

It’s also an open secret that many “educated” parents tell the most humongous and egregious lies to the parents of the prospective partners in order to dispose of such children from their own homesteads too. Often a liberal amount of cash—pet named as “dowry” is also put into the bargain towards this same objective.

But ,once you forget the short lived fanfare and baaraat procession, it’s a cold fact that over 60% wedding alliances—improvised in a jiffy, engineered, masterminded or forced at shot gun point- fizzle out and refuse to take off into the blue yonder simply on account of the wrong criteria used to evaluate the compatibility of the prospective partners.

These false criteria can have a vast range—from intelligently guessed, hurriedly drafted, customized horoscopes, cosmetized, air brushed and photo-shopped photographs, pre-planned rendezvous of the two future partners at some hotel by mutual parental collusion as in Manipur, contrived picnics intended to put the two in close company at some time, and so many more!

I am yet to chance across a mother or a father who dares to say “My son is not of the marriage kind!” or “Our daughter prefers to live as a spinster and we respect her for her decision”!

Certainly not in this country India , probably because of two factors: (a) the prevailing patriarchal mindset that assumes— or rather presumes– that MEN are superior by gender and so no girl can resist them and (b)  No young woman is safe if she dares to lead her life without male company night or day if she is in this country.

YIN and YANG in Application:

This blog is, to begin with, about such persons—the key personality traits that young people ought to have before they dare to declare “I DO!”  , though I dare not dive deep beyond a point here for obvious reasons. Its raison d’etre is simply that I observed so many young men and women pushed into unhappy weddings by their elders and so called well-wishers and ending up as mental nervous wrecks of one kind or another owing to the maelstroms they have had to encounter from the day after till they either fled or shouted talaq three times or eloped with the servant maid in the adjacent house!!

Agree or don’t agree with me over this but I stand by my conviction that a certain percentage of both men and women are simply not eligible for any co habitation experiment—call it wedded life or marital bliss as you feel like!– under the same roof! This is not only because their makeup—genetic or acquired—severely lacks the needed prerequisites without which an alliance shall not be capable of getting along!

YIN and YANG in politics!

Similarly many Indians are simply NOT qualified to contest in elections or represent the people owing to the personality traits that they  have had infused into them by persons around them.

Take X, the great grandkid of a pioneer PM whose single claim to fame is his family lineage and nothing else, or a regional satrap who lived for a long time only as a wrestler and no better before getting it into his bonnet that Indian politics is one vast grassland where he might graze with benefit, or a film star that entered politics primarily based on her familiarity with studio managers and not the actual people except in a distant remote controlled way!

A winning candidate arrived first past the post as election parlance has it, fancies himself to be in possession of all the ideal traits that a people representative needs. FALSE!

Similarly a loser complains bitterly and repetitively about the gross injustice his rival party did towards him by “manipulating the voter community”! Again FALSE!

Probably neither really ever strained to rise to voter expectations at all –and both wished to satisfy their personal greed thru this route too–but it was party clout and publicity that got them to where they ended up at!


Again many political parties woo disqualification from claiming to be party outfits by any imaginable criteria of commonsense too!

We have, among the 1800+ outfits that we have, downright regional mushrooms come up to satisfy vested interests, and some based wholly on caste identity and need to keep the members of a specific community well-organized as a Vox Populi of sorts! We also have basically bullying and criminal ‘parties’ which are parties only on their calling cards! We have Mr. Box and Mr. Cox sharing the room at alternate timings and yet pretending to be contesting outfits. Prodigal sons that delight to play ducks and rakes with taxpayer money are also legion!

We have dynasties in the making in some outfits with one grand old man—a Godfather figure— , however illiterate and ignorant deciding on his own the probable fate of the people of his home State too!


Tao philosophy has attempted a reductio ad absurdum in finding these bedrock traits crucial to both existence and also to happiness or gratification in human life.

It terms these YIN and YANG—two opposing but equal forces that drive the very universe around us! Taoism doesn’t seek to evaluate these two from as moralistic angle at all (as for instance Christianity sought to do during the medieval age in many ways!)   but ONLY as complementary aspects of reality.

YIN represents Earth, Darkness, Mystery, Femininity, Passivity and Reception; on the contrary YANG stands for Heaven, Light, Masculinity, Dynamism and Creation.

Don’t get fooled by my over simplistic elucidation please; they contain many values, elements and attributes too.

Together they constitute the TAO!

Rather than get at each other and seek to defeat the other in order to elevate oneself, these two forces function and operate in a complementary manner; they can’t exist except reciprocally too. It’s this duality that lies at the orig9ins of many branches of classical Chinese science and philosophy.

Learn to apply these concepts to whatever it’s that you feel is difficult!

Analyze the scenario using these and you can diagnose what is really going berserk at bottom!



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