In today’s non-tribal, human rights-worshipping world with most nations having their own code of jurisprudence and punishment, Islam, incarcerated inside rigorous hadiths often misinterpreted to suit vested interests of mullahs, moulavis or imams from country to country, finds itself incapable of rising to the expectations of the potential believer unless imposed by force by a majority population upon the helpless minority or with threats to kill, which is illegal in themselves.

The tragic aspect of this is that Islam by design was not at all intended to be imposed on anyone. Its holy text Quran, along with a vast background description of the Saudi society in the 8th century,   set down a code of conduct as it conceived to be applied to human beings across time and space.

An incessant desire for individual progress and internal evolution to be better human beings was always at the heart of the faith in its initial phase, (and the Quran emphasizes this point again and again too!) but once the Arabs used it to conquer vast regions and establish an empire in the 9th, 10th and 11th centuries, Islam lost its innocence for all time to come.

Hate crimes—of which 9/11 has been the globally unforgettable instance– became common from then on, right till the recent days of ISIS and Taliban and others scattered across the Muslim nations!

I dare say this in the light of two youngsters Yaser and Mohammed Jamous—who call themselves Refugees of Rap– use rap music with staccato lyrics to remind us of Bashar Al Assad’s firepower in Syria. Having grown up in officially stateless in Palestinian refugee camps, they are seeking their true identity.

Think of how little they can get ahead in convincing the public of European countries when they themselves remain faith warped and time warped in mentality and possess ruptured identities, thanks to their circumstances?

I’d also highlight this against the vast internal change that has come over the Chechen Muslims in the south of Georgia in Russia. They have always been known as a rebellious intransigent group. But today visit Chechen territory and you can find fashionable and haute couture expert women and small scale industrialist men!

Plus no rat-tat-tat of guns!

This same identity crisis epidemic as it happens to be wherever Syrian or Palestinian Muslims happen to be refugees in. If the pristine version of Islam had survived, no Muslim would have become a jihadi, no Muslim would have sent out threatening messages to the world outside no Muslim would have beheaded Americans and no Muslim young man would have committed suicide in a move to murder a lot of people.

Donald Trump, the POTUS,  who barred the entry of unwelcome persons into America the nation he is set to govern, may impress you as an extreme case of American xenophobia but be assured that he has many likeminded admirers in Europe among the Presidents and Premiers too for the policies that he is happy to announce !

Tell me would YOU welcome a guest known in your neighbourhood to create a nuisance at your home,just for the fun of having a pest?NO!

And NO Muslim would have been an unwelcome persona non grata as an immigrant in any non-Muslim nation! —-

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