Hearty Good Morning to all of you out there! DO fight your battles with all your might! Survival itself is a battle of sorts, isn’t it, at least at times?

What I’d call Rubicon Crossing Moments (RC Moments) occur in every one’s life.

The spinster Mary has her Rubicon Crossing moment when she decides to take Tom for husband. Harry has his Rubicon Crossing Moment when he decides to sell all that he possesses in India and migrate to another country on the other side of the planet. A widow, resigned to what she had conceived of as her destiny, has her RC Moment when she decides to wed again! Even prospective partners in a cougar alliance have had their electric life-changing RC moments before they decided to say “I do!”

This interesting phrase comes from Julius Caesar’s days around 40 BCE.

Caesar wished to conquer France but it was far larger than Italy and his own Rome.

With this intention he took a regiment of his soldiers to the River Rubicon which functioned as the border between the two nations. It was midnight.

He told his trusted men, “We are about to cross into Gaul territory when we cross this river now. Many of us will die on that enemy soil. The reports I have demon our reconnaissance men here state that the French are asleep now but that they will fight to the end. Prepare mentally to fight till you die or return successfully to your own dear and near ones!”

They agreed to cross over and the rest was history.

Caesar won over the Gauls, who were superior in numbers but had lower morale than the hardy determined Italians!!

Two of my siblings—my eldest brother and my youngest sister– took such RC moments when they were young. Both migrated to the US at varied times and gave up Indian citizenship and settled there itself. My late brother died there as a computer expert recently but my sister is going on as a doctor—for how much longer I don’t know!

They left me here to take care of our parents and ensure the weddings of my immediately younger sister — and I got both stuck and stranded!!

My point is that once you migrate you can’t go on with your feet in two boats at the same time. That is you can’t go on being citizens in both nations!

You must gear shift. You simply can’t evade that issue!


Have a Great Day!

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