Hearty Good Morning to all of you!

Life in India is across the board stressful for all the wrong reasons. One chief trigger for this is, as I recently discovered at a crematorium, her population explosion!

Compared with the stress an adult is fated to pass through in the course of his life, those experienced by the school going toddler are nothing.

Just opening the day’s newspaper–packed with all kinds of shocking and negative information, public warnings, specialized on -site reports, a full pager devoted to obituary, and many more of the toxic kind– is enough to send your stress levels on a moon mission!

Nay, switching on the home idiot box also has the same effect as if it were a Biblical commandment that it ought to be able to cause a virtual heat attack in the viewer population if at all it’ can lay a claim to be called a TV!

The outside world gatecrashes into your private personally valued lifestyle and boorishly and impertinently impacts you for the worse!

A beer bellied nation, bristling with people, is a potential disaster zone.

Competition for survival reaches its undesirable acme point and individual ethics takes the blow! Families open their eyes with mutual dislike and irritation and family chitchats take on a lurid edge! Human relationships rupture at the drop of a feather or over the most trifling of reasons!

The nation’s laboriously built up infrastructure also takes a side kick when law and order issues rise up all of a sudden over a street argument or altercation. Typical vendor-customer dialogues, expected to be socializing and warm hearted, risk getting noisy within minutes!

Whole households find themselves in a pressure cooker mindset, jump to wild financial decisions, suffer midnight visits by goons out to recover their money and thus often take their own lives in a pact suicide!

It’s our women folk that bear the real brunt in all this situation since they never bargained for such scenarios. Even individual young women are remotely pressurized to take the extreme step as happened recently with a girl named Michelle Shaji, who, unable to bear this pressure from the numerous SMS messages sent day and night by a crooked youth far away ,  is believed to have jumped into a lake!

Among the numerous blunders made by the early Union ministries in Free India must be counted this purposeful blindfolding to stabilizing the nation’s population growth rate. The family planning policy itself, drafted with good intentions, did not enjoy earnest implementation across the populace—what with caste and faith identities playing villains.

The so-called minorities—not the real minorities at all as is common knowledge today– loved to increase in numbers because they wished to have clout enough for voicing their issues in the State Assemblies. Every community, even while acknowledging the advisability for monogamy in private life, sought to revive polygamy under some pretext—usually some dictum or tip in some holy text.

Indian Muslims, whose mullahs and imams revived the 8th century Shariah rules in this connection, proved to be the worst offenders in this category, and millions of women were used for their men to just beget kids and kids only! Roman Catholics were also not far behind.

Polygamy was, in this way, present in almost all communities of course and the Hindus also were no exception. I have known persons having two or three wives in different locations and who were always involved in strategizing how to outsmart A and B when he went to sleep with C!

I suspect it still survives in some disguised form!

TODAY we can find many changes in this area of course but the sheer burden of having to support a 1.25 billion population is not calculable and is mind boggling. It’s time we thought about curtailing the number of our own kids and even about remaining single all through life for the fun of it!

Have a good day!



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