Hearty Good Morning to you all!

HRM has always demanded a combination of personality traits and skills –and HR managers involved themselves heart and soul in managing the human resources–the actively serving personnel–of a corporate firm.

HR and Marketing is a silly combo offered in many B-Schools also in India.(I call it “silly” with decided euphemism because, in principle, HR is office based and active mostly at recruitment time and in grooming sessions. Marketing on the other hand is not only NOT office bound but also demands a wholly different set of skills and psychological traits and skills.)

I am sure that even my posts are read by those serving in HR Wings of firms.(Think this is a tall bet dear one?)

But ironically enough the global HR scenario has already undergone a cataclysmic transformation!

Instead of being a Black Box, as Jairo Fernandes (Senior VP-HR at SAP) puts it…

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