OSTRICHES EXISTED IN INDIA —according to 25000 year old DNA evidence. (ET Report)

Fragments of eggshells of these birds (which yielded the DNA) have been garnered from many locations in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Most were not feathered however, indicating that they were just evolving at that time 25 centuries ago.

Interestingly enough, this bird, a true descendant of one kind of dinosaurs incidentally, possessed the vicious habit of kicking with its sharp claws (on the rear part of their legs) even then. This habit was resorted to only in self-defense and often felled many a lion also!

And they have always had an aversion to snakes hiding in grass too!


Ostriches are not associated with India you may say but with Africa the so called Dark Continent!

During the recent assembly elections also in 5 Indian States, this one bird–large, flightless, and often unpredictably aggressive– did not found any mention though terms like “donkey” and “lion” were freely bandied about. I’d think “wild ass’ was more relevant in some cases! Even “elephants” and cows” were in layman language use, probably because some candidates resembled them!


And be assured that they can still be found in a mammalian form as political party outfits!

Most tend to bury their heads in the sand once they get a setback, usually at the hustings!

Like the UP-based character M who has developed  allergy symptoms of nonspecific etiology for all EVMs for colluding and conspiring against her party and even against all Dalits!

(M coming to speak? Put an EVM at the front door and another one prominently on the podium! Go and have a leisurely coffee plus snacks!)

Like the young-old Indian-unIndian who, finding his own party outfit in a mess from top to bottom, blames the ruling party for everything under the sun!

Like the father son Pandava- Kaurava pair who played at filching each other’s bicycle!

Like the regional parties who fooled people for a long time with all kinds of freebies bought with the people’s own public money, played heroes and heroines in election cinemas and have now been put on the hot plate for having done so!

Like the human sputnik orbiting between Punjab and New Delhi with its wayward visions and notions!

Like the ever teeth gnashing dissidents with Russian venom inside them who sought to let free many hard core murderers and recently also let rapists ruin many a precious life!


India is indeed an interesting vacation country!

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