Surprised as I happen to be to be informed graciously that I joined FB 8 years back, I feel that FB India also benefited enormously from the blogs that I drafted in the pre-dawn with fire in my belly over a burning issue, a ranging discussion theme, or a sudden development!

When I look back, this specific social medium with its enormous grass root level clout has impacted me also not a little though I am probably one among many to them.

They do remind me (taking me probably to be a classic Absentminded Professor) of my birthday and wedding anniversary and I thank them most passionately. In my heart of hearts I also know this to be a grand self-marketing or circulation boosting gimmick and nothing more!

They say they do care about me, which of course warms my heart in my silent room upstairs here, but it also tells that they have sent similar missives to a million persons!

Of course they have helped my writing style get more refined and poised, my opinions get more mellow and fact based and also my view of many issues to be more India-friendly if not world friendly too at the same time!.

Habituated as I happen to be for many decades in giving hearty approbation and lavish appreciation for anything I view in another as either salutary or salubrious, I say “Thank you dear Facebook India!”

At the moment I post my longer write ups on WP(Word Press) for the benefit of the ,media in the West, but that is in response to a seminal suggestion emanating from a bio medical engineer ex-student of mine whom I affectionately address even today as “Kriticool” *![* @Krithika Bhuvanesh]

My best wishes to all of you too!



  1. FB is really a morale booster. It has made several people like me to jot their thoughts and make it a hobby. But for FB, all my nonsense writings would have remained only in thoughts. You have made FB richer by your contributions. Thank you sir. Thanks a lot.


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