A bank manager doesn’t cause ripples on the torrent of Time—in the final calculation he is just another breadwinner and nothing more, playing his pipe to someone else’s tunes– but a Dronacharya figure molds a whole generation of skilled artistes! (A typical bank manager has lived his life and then is dead-and soon enough forgotten by those that made use of the facilities at the bank branches he worked at! But a passionate trainer and coach of skills in acting or singing gets remembered for decades through word of mouth by those he had groomed with élan!)

The Curtain Raiser brainwave –for grooming a whole generation of young potential Ciceros and Richard Burtons–descended from the Above on Mr. Sathish P Kurup, a Chennai-based bank manager out of the run-of-the-mill owing to his passionate pursuit of the dramatic arts all along his life!

Opting for Voluntary Retirement Scheme, he got willingly cut off from the employer’s leash or umbilical cord around him and came away!

He decided to dedicate his remaining life for the enhancement of fine arts skills in the acting and anchoring and public speaking areas .Thus it was that the Curtain Raiser –CR for short- came up in active collaboration with the Kerala Cultural Forum!

And, as serendipity would have it, he picked this capital city for making his game changing move!

The Curtain Raiser makes you fit for both these activities by far, but it’s the gentleman’s utter and unwavering dedication that fuels the enterprise .

Those that roam or stray into the CR Hall out of simple curiosity and make a request often find it impossible to arrive on time, buffeted about as they happen to be as householders or employees.

Ms. Renju, a scientist  of ISRO(Indian Space Research organization)  is the single exception to this rule for she makes it in time and also actively participates in the various programs being staged there with both zest and spunk!

I am convinced that Mr. Sathish is engaged also in researching unceasingly for skill enhancement for himself and those around him through many enlightening posts on Whats App.

I dare say that the residents of this city are yet to truly utilize this facility gifted at nominal rates by a person totally devoted to the task of making short films, acting in TV serials and in enabling persons to stand up and speak in public on an issue!

Let’s take a detailed survey of this passionate entrepreneur’s offers to the general public at varied platforms:

THIRAKAL ARIYUNNUVO is the story , encapsulated in a 13-minute long short film, of a youngish gentleman in love with a far younger person of the opposite gender and how she, in response to pressure from her people, declines his advances, and of how he takes his own life in the innocently murderous and murderously innocent sea!

Written and directed by Mr. Sathish, this film makes a profound impact on all whimsical young women that lead their favored menfolk astray—and often play an unwitting reason for their ending their own lives too!– ,bowing to social and own community pressure.

The lingering message conveyed here is that the waves of the sea understand everything about human whimsicality and chameleonic emotional responses.

KUPPATHOTTIYILE MANYAN (=The Gentleman on a Garbage Mound), in 15 minutes, is an improvised play being enacted by the actors trained at the Curtain Raiser.

. It portrays a most hypocritical man exploiting his own pretension of being a passionate environmentalist and advocate for cleanliness –and viscerally hostile to the members of the public littering the roads with garbage too, while ,under cover , he also litters the road corner with his home kitchen garbage!

The dialogues are peppery and crisp, with a lot of movement on the stage by the sundry characters that make use of the neighborhood for their own convenience.

Garbage-littering under cover is sought to be perpetuated with this man protesting furiously from near the garbage mound till he himself gets exposed by the very persons that he had protested against.

Social hypocrisy, which, along with spiritual and political and even economic hypocrisies of every description so much prevalent in this country anyway, is the theme of the play and it helps you and me to take a fresh look at our own hypocritical selves.

ELY (=RAT) is a stage play spanning 60 minutes or slightly longer. The Curtain Raiser staged this play at a local hall recently with girl kids from a high school in the District. It is ably directed by Mr. Sathish and coordinated scene wise by Sameer Siddiqui.

The story is simple enough. Five young women, deceived by unscrupulous men, come together to share their lives under the same roof. They have adopted a small girl kid to satisfy their motherhood instincts. When the play opens these women are shown as happy and contented with what they do most of the time- singing lullabies or playing with the girl foster kid.

One of the girls experiences her menarche and this causes many problems especially when a rat appears at their home from somewhere.

To cut a long story short this one rat is enough nuisance and harm to their otherwise peaceful and innocuous co-existence.

The powerful message transmitted through this play production is that human lives are delicate in many ways and if the equilibrium and order gets disturbed owing to any even trifling external factor the whole social system breaks down.


Acting Schools all over the world bring out the innate talent and flair of young men and women through systematic skilled training effected through ongoing research into the latest presentation techniques.

Facilities for imparting presentation and public speaking skills –components in the Rhetoric category–are few globally too .This leads tot he prediction that even those young persons from other nations can make use of the CR facility for fine tuning their own speaking and presentation skills !

Nowadays , what with more and more Power Point Presentations being an indispensable part of major programs and conferences, some facility for imparting coaching in making such PPS shows is also needed at CR , but then the CR is very much an infant still!

My very best wishes for the CR to go from strength to strength in the coming days!



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