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The Supreme Court of India has come in for universal appreciation recently in the light of their granting Passive Euthanasia—meaning the legal permission of a terminally ill patient to refuse further treatment—but then the sheer economics of this mercy-killing—as euthanasia is known in layman’s parlance- must also be considered. He terminally ill are in that condition probably as a long term consequence of their own ‘Throw-Wild-Oats’ lifestyle pursued earlier during their salad days, but we can’t be sure of this since so many innocent-looking souls are also involved. Anyway it’s almost certain that if they are having an incurable illness of some kind it is quite serious, defying all treatment and determined to cart this soul away into the night!

If we think along this line, we, the kin and caretakers of this person are trapped in a sense since it’s our duty to fully care for him with our own earnings. No insurer is willing to pay for his treatment and hospice accommodation as far as I know.

As you and I are all too aware, the Indian Rupee is not hard currency, though the charges at all private hospitals that provide treatment and supply medicines are calculated at quite high rates as if in terms of the USD cost met by the service provider.

Euthanasia thus becomes more about stressed kin-cum-caretaker’s earnings being able to cope with the cash invoices by the hospital management than about the inconvenience and vulnerability of the patients themselves. It often becomes a duty for the patient himself to spare his or her kin and caretaker this high expense by refusing treatment on his own out of kindness!

WE all know that human nature is at bottom 100% selfish whatever altruism is spoken about and preached by a person. Recall Peter disowning Jesus in this connection please or Judas thinking of the thirty pieces of silver he himself would get if he denounced Jesus!

Or look around at your own kin and learn this same lesson from seeing how self-centered they happen to be!

If it comes to a wrestling match between altruism and selfishness, it’s always the latter that gets to laugh in glee at the end of it!



If anyone abroad were to ask me WHEN to visit India so as to understand its being still very much an Enigma-inside-a Puzzle in Asia, I’d tell him/her to fist make it a point to listen, AFTER landing at Mumbai or the national capital, to the inveterate TV channel speakers—bespectacled, with hanging mustachios, bloodshot eyes, gibberish advocates, blind opponents of commonsense but armed with kajal-coated Hecate looks, modern day Stentors and so on—–preferably during the silence of the predawn and not during the prime time in the evenings!,

With a supercharger drink inside to fire me on for another three hours before the home awakens in the literal sense with my partner’s emerging from her cloister, I was listening raptly to the largely amusing perfectly contrarian arguments presented by various speakers on one of the channels.

I was moved to laughter by their very appearance of course (Who wouldn’t be?), but more by the queer justifications they trotted with remarkable glibness! The current political developments across India were being discussed in this re-telecast program and the God’s Plenty of party pressure groups—from among the 1800 wild animals we do have here in that studied Red Indian disguise!– had faithfully sent in their stooges to defend them as of in a national court of law!

HOW these Indians manage to evade –and escape from-a realization of the dreadful truths staring them from right across the border (Red China is flexing its military muscles right at this moment!), as well as burning truths being systematically got undone within her borders beats me no end!

If the Mumbaikar is not losing his cool at the sight of the many garbage mountains he passes by daily on roadsides or the corpses on suburban tracks, and the Delhiite, feeling all Cloud Nine in his expression and non-committal smile is not bothered beyond a measure by the dengue infestation from his air cooler tank, or suffocating smog on his route, the rural Indian sleeping on a charpoy ( =a cheap cot made of rafters with jute or coir covering it) plays the same game by remaining content with his hand to mouth existence and never asking a single WHY AM I PUT INTO THIS SITUATION PLEASE?

Despite all the pandemonium our women make for getting duly empowered at all levels of the existing social hierarchy and within corridors of political power, they are a most disunited bunch even to this day with many contrarians among them!

If the Hindus have their caste/ community/clan/tribe barriers as the dominating poltergeist, the Christians seek to break one another’s skulls over the ownership of their churches, or in their level of opposition to the liberal liquor sale policy announced by the State governments to increase their revenue!

They also seem to be on some hidden agenda to take over the Western Ghats under the pretext of setting up crosses first and then huge churches. They are on the warpath against the Indian judiciary too no less!

The Indian Muslims, fallen between two stools as it were between their loyalties to the Arabs on the one hand on account of their faith label, and their own Indian lineage from the Hindus mostly, are also passionate at keeping up their (tribally originated) Sunni Shia rivalry in different ways.

Such contrarian voices—or rather cacophonous strident noises! – can be discerned from the New Delhi end too, i.e. from the ministerial lips. Some of the members within the ministries are actually party deadwood but they also need to be humored and so they have been given some authority which they routinely abuse!

The Prime Minister— a well-intentioned man doomed to fire fight all through his life in cleaning up a national Augean Stables of sorts of all its smelly muck left behind by the dyspeptic horses that fled in 2014—is unable to fight on many fronts at the same time.

And thus it goes-the great Indian Farce or Meaningless –Governance-Attempt Comedy!


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